Walk-in shower with bench

Showering while seated is not only more comfortable but also safer for you. Both soaping up and shaving are much easier if there is a seat in the shower. But that’s not all: At the same time , you increase the relaxation factor enormously if there is a bench or a stool in the shower . Create your personal wellness oasis and enjoy the moment after a long day while the water gently patters on your head and body.

Would you also like more well-being in your wet cell? We show you different ways to integrate a nice shower with a seat!

Shower with seating – the advantages

If comfort in the shower is particularly important to you, you can opt for a walk-in shower, large rain shower heads and attractive seating on the wall. While comfortably seated, let yourself be pampered by the water jets.

But a few moments of rest and relaxation are not the only reasons why a bench in the shower is more than just a stylish insider tip. With a seat , you minimize your own risk of falling and injuring yourself. You probably know yourself how much you have to bend and bend when soaping, shaving or washing your hair. How quickly you lose your balance or brace yourself against the wall while trying to reach all parts of your body equally.

The bench now allows you to safely put your leg on the bench or to sit comfortably while you shampoo your hair or care for your feet, for example.

The walk-in shower stall in this image has been fitted with a custom seat. The block not only blends harmoniously into the bathroom architecture. At the same time, it is so stable that you can lean on it comfortably and safely. 

Of course, care was taken to ensure that the seating accommodation does not take up more space than necessary and still offers the showerer enough space. In the event that it is not in use, the bench seat can also be used as a clever shelf for all the shower utensils you need .

Shower with seat: There are 3 variants

If you want a bench in your shower, there must always be enough space. A brick bench in particular requires a certain amount of floor space. As a result, the shower area must be large enough so that you have enough room to move despite the bench.

The three variants for a seat in the shower at a glance:

Movable seat
  • Stool / chair can be positioned variably
  • wide range of models for every taste
  • non-slip
  • quickly ready for use, since no assembly is required
Mounted seat
  • The seat is foldable, which means that when the seat is not needed it is not in the way
  • stable and resilient
  • is tied to a fixed position
  • available in different designs
bench (brick)
  • stable, resilient bench for maximum security
  • many design options for special requests
  • fixed position
  • optionally heated for additional comfort
  • at the same time shelf for care products


The construction of a walk-in shower with a brick bench is the most comfortable and visually appealing option. At the same time, however, it is also the most complex method of creating a seat.

Mounting a folding seat is easier . In some bathrooms, existing showers can be retrofitted with a folding seat. This is usually not possible with a bank. With a stool or chair , on the other hand, no manual work is necessary.

However, even in this case, there are often limits due to the existing architecture. The vast majority of showers are often very small and their floor space is too small for showers with a seat. Whether a bench for the shower can be added later must therefore be decided on a case-by-case basis. In the course of a bathroom renovation, however, a satisfactory solution can often be found.

Variety of shapes for a bench in the shower

In most cases, brick benches are designed in a straight line . In the rectangular showers, the cuboids often fill the short side between the two long shower partitions (glass or wall). But there are exceptions. Depending on how the shower area is laid out, the shape of the bench deviates from the standard.

If the base is more square, the bench can be extended . Height and depth are also variable. The seat is ideally sized to fit its users. You should not set the seat height too low. Because in old age, but also in the case of short-term illnesses and restricted mobility, sitting down and getting up becomes more difficult the deeper the seat is. In order to remedy this point, the brick bench should be built relatively high.

  • Our tip : Don’t just pay attention to the design of your shower with a seat. If you also opt for seamless panelling, you reduce the effort involved in cleaning.

If the bench – especially in narrow showers – does not take up too much space, a triangular basic shape is ideal . It easily fills a corner of the shower area and takes up little space . This does not reduce the length of the shower area.

A corner bench is a good compromise for smaller showers. Because it saves space and is still comfortable.

Special solutions for walk-in shower with bench

There are different solutions for a bench in the bathroom . It also depends on the available space in the shower and the personal taste of the user . Your needs are decisive for further bathroom planning.

In principle, the bench can be designed so that it only takes up space in the shower or extends further into the bathroom. It is a special highlight when the bench extends beyond the shower area . In this way, a connection to the rest of the room is established and you create more seating or storage space.

In the shower, the bench seat can be equipped with niches for shampoo and shower gel. Built-in spots or light strips are also possible to create a special setting. If you like it classy, ​​you can also treat yourself to integrated heating . In this way, the bench always has a pleasant temperature, especially in the cold months.

Shower bench examples from real references

An experienced bathroom builder or specialist planner can tell you what options there are in your bathroom to design your shower in a modern way with a bench . First and foremost, your wishes determine the design. These are then brought into line with the conditions set by the bath.

For expert advice and valuable tips, we recommend that you visit a bathroom exhibition – there you can talk to bathroom professionals about your dream shower and be inspired by the numerous shower variants on site.

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