Vintage bathrooms: ideas for bathrooms with trendy vintage chic

Vintage is trendy and the retro look has now spread to domestic bathrooms as well. In addition to a free-standing bathtub with feet, retro fittings and furniture are typical of a vintage bathroom. We introduce you to seven vintage-style bathrooms: let yourself be inspired!

Vintage look bathroom

Vintage is not always vintage! Interpretations of this style vary widely. Either what looks old is perceived as vintage . That means new furniture that is visually reminiscent of flea markets and earlier style epochs. Others understand the term exclusively genuine historical objects. If the retro look is mentioned in this context, the confusion is great. So let’s take a closer look at the differences first.

Vintage Vintage pieces are actually originals from a bygone era. You are not older than 99 years, because from then on an object is considered antique.
vintage style Furnishings designed in a vintage style are newly produced models, often in so-called shabby chic. They look used but are brand new.
Retro Retro means accessories, furniture and other elements that take up the design of past fashion and style directions. In contrast to shabby chic, they do not look used.

If vintage is to find its way into the bathroom, you have the choice between different variants. Either you decide on originals or new products that either look used or visually tie in with old design directions. The advantage is that all three components can be wonderfully combined and enhance each other. No matter how you set up your vintage bathroom, you can be sure that it will have its own individual charm .

Cozy vintage bathroom: A fitting that looks old, rectangular wall tiles with a small format and also small, black and white floor tiles create a nostalgic atmosphere with matching accessories

Examples of a vintage bathroom

The greatest happiness for vintage lovers are original vintage bathrooms. What used to be chic and then unfashionable is now in demand again. Combined with a few accessories from the current time, you can combine the originality of old bathroom elements with modernity and retain the nostalgic charm . You also have many options for incorporating the vintage style into a modern bathroom as a design variant. The manufacturers have adapted to the trend and offer, for example, retro bathtubs or washbasins as well as shabby chic tiles. The product selection is enormous. The following bathrooms prove that the design options are very diverse.

If retro and shabby chic elements are combined in the bathroom, the result is a harmonious mix of old and new

Square, light gray and cream-colored shabby-style wall tiles , a retro sink with gold fittings and an old mirror bring a bygone era back to life. The black wall lights in the industrial look and the picture on the washbasin, also with a dark frame, set high-contrast, modern accents.

In this bathroom, the puristic concept is given an interesting touch by a wooden shelf and a Victorian-style carpet, which ensures a cozy atmosphere

Soft and pompous at the same time: the soft pink of the washbasin goes wonderfully with the golden elements. The marble top reinforces the luxurious impression.

Bathrooms with homely elements are characteristic of English chic of the 19th century. A carpet , a chest of drawers-like washbasin and a large wall design create a bathroom with a pleasantly inviting atmosphere. Small accents, such as an elegant partition wall with a black frame or golden fittings and accessories, add that special something.

Vintage bathroom in 1950s black and white style

This black and white bathroom is tidy, straightforward and without a lot of frills. The strong contrast is softened by golden accessories and fittings, which also give the room a luxurious character.

Modern, nostalgic bathroom with a flair for French Baroque: the white washbasin and the free-standing bathtub with silver feet come into their own in front of the tiled mosaic wall

This is where the retro look and the modern meet in the bathroom : the mosaic tiles in blue and orange harmonize wonderfully with the retro bathtub and washbasin. The white sanitary ware and the oval mirror calm the exciting tile pattern. The following two bathrooms also show that vintage style and modern design harmonize wonderfully in the bathroom:

Combine vintage style with modern style in the bathroom: while the shabby-chic mirror and chandelier in the bathroom radiate a vintage look and rusticity, the free-standing bathtub with tap represents a modern design

In some bathrooms, modern zeitgeist and vintage style merge seamlessly. The bathroom has retro-style floor tiles, a raw brick wall and a vintage wooden vanity with a marble top, giving the room a nostalgic touch. This contrasts with the free-standing designer bathtub, the walk-in shower, the toilet, the white walls and modern fittings.

More ideas for your bathroom in vintage style

The special thing about a vintage bathroom is above all its nostalgic aura . It reminds us of times gone by and revives forgotten memories. Especially in today’s fast-paced world, it’s good to dive into a vintage-style bathroom to calm down . Here we can take our time and relax.

Haven’t found the right design style yet and are looking for inspiration for your bathroom design? Then you are at the right place with Schramm from Munich. Browse through our references. In our guide you will also find further ideas for bathroom design and information on bathroom furnishings.

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