Using tiles correctly in the guest toilet: tips and ideas

Designing a guest toilet is always a challenge. This is primarily due to the floor plan, which is usually tight. Tiles can help to visually increase the space. But which tiles are suitable for a small guest toilet? Is it better to choose large or small tiles? And should the guest toilet be fully tiled? Schramm gives you tips and presents you with ideas on how you can use tiles sensibly and beautifully in the guest toilet.

Tile or paint the guest toilet?

If you want to redesign your guest toilet or a renovation is planned, you can draw from various guest toilet ideas. The same applies to the use of tiles. Many users stumble when asked whether they should lay tiles in the guest toilet at all.

Since the guest toilet, like the main bathroom, is a damp room, the walls and floor must be protected from moisture. Tiles are a wonderful barrier: if they are laid professionally, they do not let moisture through. However, since only a few guest bathrooms have a shower, splashing water in these rooms is often not a problem. Therefore, the idea of ​​a tile-free guest toilet is obvious.

Tiles for small guest toilets: They are the best solution because walls and floors are protected, the tiles are easy to clean and renewal is only necessary after decades

The advantage of using tiles for the guest toilet walls and floors is, on the one hand, that they are easy to care for . On the other hand, tiles are extremely durable . They protect the walls and do not discolour like painted or wallpapered surfaces. If you want to avoid renovating your bathroom every few years, the use of tiles is recommended. Tiles do not have to be laid on all walls and up to the ceiling in the guest toilet.

The use of tiles in the guest toilet is advisable in the following areas:

  • floor
  • toilet area
  • vanity (behind sink)
  • shower (if available)

When washing hands, rinsing and using the toilet brush, splashed water can quickly land on the floor and on the wall. A tile mirror in selected places is therefore advisable. There are always exceptions: some builders explicitly want tiles not to be laid behind the washbasin and toilet, as is usually the case. Alternatively , wall panels (GRP panels) and a flush mirror on the washbasin can fulfill the function of tiles.

Discover tile ideas for the guest toilet

If you have decided on tiles in the bathroom, you have more design options than you might think. Because a tile is not just a tile. The tiles impress with countless designs. They vary in shape, size, color and structure . Not to mention the various materials .

Tiles can cover a surface completely or be combined with painted and wallpapered wall sections. Just the way they are laid – for example in a cross, half, herringbone pattern or random pattern – offers scope.

There are no limits to creativity when selecting tiles, combinations and laying patterns. If you take a look at the references of our bathroom builders, you will quickly get tile ideas for the guest toilet and bathroom.

Small guest toilet: large format tiles

Since guest bathrooms are often small, it is all the more important to work with tricks for more visual size . If you want to design small bathrooms, large format tiles with a darker shade for the floor (than for the wall design) are used for this purpose. This gives the room a good basis and at the same time makes the walls appear lighter. For example, if wall tiles in the guest toilet are narrow and laid horizontally to the floor, you can make the bathroom appear wider.

If large format tiles and a darker shade are used in the guest toilet, this affects the visual size of the bathroom

If the tile is so large that it fills the width of the wall, the bathroom looks like it is made of one piece. Joints sometimes only appear in the corners of the room, which means that the user of the bathroom does not notice at first that they are tiles. Guest toilets with such large tiles are modern and a highlight for every guest. They put the room conditions in a positive light. According to the motto: Small bathroom – big effect. In addition, such tiles are easier to care for thanks to the small number of joints because less dirt can settle.

Combine tile shapes and sizes

To make the bathroom more exciting and lively for guests, you can combine tiles of different sizes, shapes and colors in the guest bathroom. This sets accents and ensures dynamism . If you also mix different materials such as fine stoneware, natural stone and ceramics, your bathroom will definitely not be monotonous!

Our advice: pay attention to a balanced combination . If too many shapes, colors and materials are combined in the tiles, this can cause chaos. It is helpful if you create a haven of calm for the viewer . For example, with the help of large tiles that make the floor uniform or enclose a strip of mosaic on the wall.

Colourful, square tiles and a stick mosaic in brown and gray tones (natural stone facing) are juxtaposed with brightly painted walls and large-format floor and wall tiles in these guest bathrooms

Note the tile design in the guest toilet

Tiles with a concrete look and natural stone look provide variety and a homely atmosphere in the guest toilet. Especially tiles with a wood look radiate a cozy warmth and are much easier to care for than real wood. The soothing hue of concrete gray tiles is popular in purist concepts. In no time at all, the concrete look can be spiced up with colored accessories, giving users creative freedom.

If you use tiles with a wood or concrete look in the guest toilet, bold splashes of color will easily attract attention

Design guest toilets without tiles or with economical tile backsplash

If tiles are to play a subordinate role in your new guest toilet, you can either reduce the number of tiles to a minimum or choose an alternative to tiles . For example, only lay tiles on the floor in the guest toilet. You can cover the splash area behind the toilet and sink with special plaster and wall coverings (panels with decor, back-lacquered glass). The guest toilet is thus given a homely, inviting character.

The guest toilet comes up with a reduced tiled mirror, which creates a cozy and warm atmosphere

More ideas and information on tiles in the guest toilet

In recent years, bathroom tiles have not been used as much as they used to be. Above all, the guest toilet should have a cozy and homely character , so that the guests feel at home. The design and use of guest toilet tiles have changed accordingly. There are countless designs to choose from, which enable individual bathroom design. In the guest bathroom in particular, tiles can set the scene for the toilet and washbasin in a wonderful way.

We would be happy to advise you on the selection of suitable tiles for your guest toilet.

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