Tiles with HT coating from Jasba: Radiantly clean as if by magic!

Who doesn’t know it: There are unsightly lime stains  on the tiles in the bathroom and splashes of fat in the kitchen, all of which can only be removed with a lot of scrubbing. This has an end now. Because with the tiles with HT finish from Jasba, cleanliness and freshness come naturally into the house.

Unlike conventional tile surfaces, where the water rolls off in thick drops and then leaves dirt stains, the HT technology attracts the water. Instead of forming drops, the water is distributed evenly over the tile surface as a wafer-thin film. As a result, limescale, dirt and grease are washed away and can be easily removed.

The HT finish is activated by light. Even normal  interior lighting  is sufficient to trigger what is known as photocatalysis. This natural process creates activated oxygen, which breaks down bacteria and reliably prevents the formation of new germs and mold. Disturbing odors cannot develop in the first place.

Even ketchup stains on Jasba Village tiles can be easily removed with a damp cloth.

The advantages are apparent

  • No more limescale and dirt stains.
  • The tiles are sparkling clean with one wipe.
  • Mold, bacteria and annoying odors no longer occur.
  • The HT finish lasts the life of the tile.
On the left a conventional tile with stains when dry - the HT tile (on the right) shines thanks to its special finish.

Jasba, Europe’s leading ceramics specialist, guarantees long-term, effortless cleaning and hygienic effectiveness with a long-term guarantee. Because the non-toxic and irritant-free HT finish is burned into the tiles, making it absolutely indestructible – for the life of the tile.

The tiles with the HT finish from Jasba are hygienically clean and the Hydrotect finish is non-toxic.

Rely on easy-care tiles!

Are you looking for beautiful, durable and easy-care tiles for bathrooms, kitchens or living rooms? contact us Our tile specialists will be happy to advise you.

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