Coherent lighting concepts: The right lighting for every situation!

The well thought-out use of light sources creates a unique feel-good atmosphere in your living space. With cleverly used lighting effects, you can emphasize certain places in your living room or visually stretch the rooms.

The light shelf from the Gera light system 5 consists of one or two illuminated, load-bearing, translucent glass shelves. The rear wall can be individually designed and thus enables perfect integration into the respective furniture and living environment.

Professional lighting design

Professional lighting planning ensures that the light sources in your house are used optimally. Here the specialist distinguishes between basic and accent lighting. The basic lighting illuminates the room evenly and gives it comfort. The accent lighting, on the other hand, skilfully stages individual elements and directs the viewer’s gaze to the essentials. Sophisticated lighting concepts ensure that the light is both functional and emotionally appealing – depending on what you need it for.

The light profile 1 from Gera enables high-quality lighting for open or satin-glazed compartments and furniture niches.

Expert tips on effect lighting

Cleverly used light sources can give your room different effects:

  • For example, the height of the room is optically increased if the ceiling has a lighter paint finish than the walls. Uplighters also open up the room upwards.
  • If you want to make a room appear larger, lighter shades are best for your walls. In this case, the light from the basic lighting is only directed to the side walls.
  • If the basic lighting is harmonious, it is important to set elegant accents – for example with effective floor lamps. .

Light up your home!

Would you like a coherent lighting concept that provides the right lighting for every situation? Then get in  touch with us : Our experienced room planners will be happy to advise you on the right lighting for your living space.

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