Tiles with a wood look in the bathroom: natural flair and comfort in one

Natural materials or those with a natural look are very much in vogue, as they have a very special charm and give every room a very homely character – even in the bathroom. In addition to wooden accessories or bathroom furniture, the floor covering is also very suitable if you want to give your bathroom a natural look.

However, real wood floors, especially in damp rooms such as the bathroom, involve an enormous amount of maintenance, as they should be oiled annually, for example.

The solution: wooden tiles!

Bathroom tiles or wooden floorboards? wooden tiles!

Tiles are among the classics in the bathroom. They are:

  • resistant
  • diverse
  • insensitive to water.

But those who like it natural will hardly want to do without wood in the bathroom. In addition, this natural raw material has many advantages. Wood has a particularly beautiful look and feel and it also feels pleasant and, above all, warm – a real plus point in winter at the latest.

However, where tiles score points with their resilience, real wood has its deficits. Untreated, it cannot be used in the bathroom. If water or humidity acts on the natural substance for too long, it begins to swell. The material can also become moldy and grey. Special care and regular professional treatment are therefore necessary, which is not only time-consuming but also more expensive than the care of tiles.

Wood tiles combine the advantages of both materials by combining easy care and durability with a homely, natural look.

Tiles: wood look in the bathroom and easy care

No regrinding, no oiling, no creaking: tiles with a wood look bring an absolute feel-good atmosphere to your bathroom. In addition, there are hardly any limits to the requirements in terms of shape and decor – if you want to design your bathroom with wooden tiles, you can choose from a large number of designs. Because the range of designs and colors for wooden tiles for the bathroom is very large. And thanks to their authentic look, they look deceptively real.

The advantages of tiles with a wood look:

  • warm appearance
  • different colors for every taste
  • various formats for every requirement
  • resistant surface
  • easy care
  • extremely durable

In addition, they have better slip resistance than conventional tiles . The reason for this is the grain, which is based on the wood, which increases the resistance (slip resistance). Therefore, wooden tiles are ideal for the bathroom, especially if children and seniors are among the users.

Wooden bathroom tiles: inspiration and tips

Anyone who uses wooden tiles in the bathroom usually likes it homely. It is important that the wooden tiles and furnishings harmonize in the bathroom. That doesn’t mean that all the furniture has to be made of wood and match the color of the floor tiles. Contrasts are attractive and can give a bathroom with a modern design an exciting touch, but should be used in a targeted manner so as not to overload.

“Inspired by the cozy charm, builders often want a wooden floor. Wooden tiles are far more practical and durable. Visually, the tiles (mostly fine stoneware) are based on chestnut wood, oak, walnut and all other types. They are easier to care for than the natural material and better suited to the requirements of the bathroom.”

Ingrid Schramm, bathroom consultant at Hans Schramm GmbH & Co. KG

Upgrade the bathroom and guest toilet with a wooden tile look

The effect of the colors of bathroom wooden tiles:

If you don’t want to make any compromises in the bathroom or want to lay several floor coverings, wooden tiles are a safe choice. If you design your bathroom with wooden tiles in light tones , the natural character is usually more subtle. The room appears airier, which is particularly advantageous for small floor plans such as a guest toilet. Dark bathroom tiles with a wood look, on the other hand, exude more warmth due to the stronger brown tones and stand out more from light-colored walls. If the floor is laid with the same tiles throughout, it appears visually uniform and therefore larger.

Floor tiles with a wood look: inspiring reference projects

The following examples show projects by our bathroom builders in which wooden tiles have a significant positive influence on the bathroom design. Let yourself be inspired!

Comfortable bathroom with wooden tiles

In the mint green bathroom, it is the bathroom tiles with a wood look that give the room a homely look. The warm brown tone creates a beautiful base while connecting with the green walls and floral tile border. The linear, modern furnishings set a pleasant counterpoint to the natural charm of wood. Furniture and wooden tiles in the bathroom are connected because the floor covering looks very classy.

Wood look tiles in a high-contrast bathroom concept 

The builders in Munich (Hadern) wanted more color in the bathroom. There was to be an end to monotony, so bath builder Schramm included strong yellow and orange tones in the planning. Black fittings spice up the look. Bright wall surfaces and wood-look tiles in the bathroom create a balance. They ground the striking color concept and at the same time build a bridge to the roof beams. Because these should retain their natural shape and remain visible.

Discover more projects with wooden tiles in the bathroom:

On our platform you will find other projects in which wood look tiles were also used. If you would like to experience such tiles live and inspect them, you should visit a bathroom exhibition in our showroom.

Convince yourself of the authentic look and the wonderful feel of our high-quality wooden tiles for the bathroom!

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