Subsidy for mini CHP systems

New combined heat and power plants are  funded by the Federal Ministry for the Environment  with a one-time investment subsidy. The subsidy is graded according to the electrical output of the CHP systems.

So you get for example for

  • small systems with an output of 1 kWel, which are particularly suitable for one- and two-family houses, such as the Dachs Sterling, a subsidy of 1,900 euros,
  • larger systems with 5.5 kWel, such as the Dachs from Senertec, even receive a subsidy of 2,950 euros.

Heat efficiency bonus

A heat efficiency bonus of 25% of the basic subsidy is also granted for heating systems that are equipped with an exhaust gas heat exchanger for the use of condensing technology and are connected to a hydraulically balanced heating system. This increases the subsidies for the Ecopower 1.0 CHP to EUR 2,375 and for the Senertec badger to EUR 3,688.

A CHP provides heat, electricity and independence!

Conditions for funding

Plants with an output of up to 20 kWel in existing buildings are funded. The facilities

  • must not be in an area with a connection and use requirement for district heating,
  • must be maintained with a maintenance contract
  • and meet demanding efficiency requirements. The requirements of the EU CHP Directive for small systems must be clearly exceeded. The primary energy saving must be at least 15% for systems smaller than 10 kWel and at least 20% for systems from 10 kWel up to and including 20 kWel. In addition, a total efficiency of at least 85% must be maintained. Other requirements include the presence of a thermal store with an energy content of at least 1.6 kWh per installed kWth, control and regulation for heat and electricity-based operation, including intelligent thermal store management, and a measuring system to determine the current power requirement (smart meter) for systems from 3 kWel.


In cogeneration, an internal combustion engine produces mechanical power. It is converted into electrical energy by a generator. the electricity produced in this way can be used directly on site or fed into the public power grid. The heat generated by the internal combustion engine is used for heating and hot water preparation. 

Benefit from the state subsidy!

Are you interested in a mini CHP system and would you like to benefit from government funding? Then get in  touch with us.  Our energy experts will be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice on the subject of combined heat and power generation and current funding opportunities.

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