Solvis heating systems

If you want to save up to 50% on heating costs with the highly efficient solar heating system from Solvis, you’ve come to the right place.

Get in touch with us . As a Solvis partner from the specialist trade, we would be happy to advise you individually. With or without using the sun – we are convinced that we will recommend the right heating system for your needs.

The SolvisMax is not a model series, but a modular system that can be retrofitted. That's why the SolvisMax keeps the future open to you like no other boiler. For example, you can switch from oil to gas at any time. Or from oil to pellets. Or use the free solar energy.
With the SolvisRemote you can travel carefree. Control your heating system from any location - whether from a PC or mobile device. So you can travel relaxed and always return to a warm home!
The award-winning SolvisMax Futur solar storage tank connects your existing boiler to a solar system. The buffer tank can be retrofitted with a heating module at any time and then completely replace the old boiler.
The SolvisMax district heating system is suitable for all detached and semi-detached houses. But it can also provide additional heat for a small swimming pool.
Automatic ignition, complete combustion and automatic cleaning: The environmentally friendly SolvisLino 3 pellet boiler works as conveniently as conventional heating systems.
The tumble dryer from Miele and Solvis uses the energy from your solar heating system and saves up to 80% energy compared to conventional devices.
Solar heating system SolvisVaero-SolvisCala - effectiveness at the highest level.
The three-component solution for effective energy use: SolvisTeo geothermal heat pump, SolvisMax solar heating system and SolvisCala solar collector.
Ready for the combination: The SolvisMax7 can also later be connected to other energy sources.

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