Small bathtubs for small bathrooms - what are the options?

The bathroom is small and not a centimeter should be wasted when setting it up: Many users are familiar with this situation. But even if your bathroom doesn’t offer much space, that doesn’t mean that you have to do without the luxury of a bathtub. There are a variety of compact bathtubs in different shapes for fitting out small bathrooms, which also fit into very narrow spaces and enable the greatest possible bathing comfort in a small space .

But what are the dimensions of these small tubs? How comfortable is it to bathe in? And how do you fit into the bathroom? Here you can find out which different tub solutions are available for mini bathrooms.

Space-saving bathtubs – the ideal solution for small bathrooms

Bubble bath enthusiasts find it difficult to forego a bathtub entirely. After all, there is nothing better than a long relaxing bath after a hard day. And even children prefer to splash around in the bathtub than just take a short shower.

However, a small bathroom – 7 m² and smaller – does not offer many options for accommodating the desired equipment. Like the toilet (if there is no guest toilet), the washbasin and furniture are indispensable. In some cases, the washing machine must also be accommodated in the bathroom. Of course, a possibility to take a shower should not be missing. For reasons of space, is only a shower an option? Or can a bathtub also be accommodated in small bathrooms so that there is still enough room to move next to the rest of the furnishings ?

Small bathtubs 140 cm long: the berlandi bathtub is exactly 140 x 140 cm and fits perfectly into the corner of a bathroom

The fact is: a bathtub with a standard size of 170 cm x 75 cm would take up too much space and would look downright overwhelming in a mini-bathroom. However, enlarging the bathroom with expensive means is comparatively rarely an option.

The solution is to find sanitary products and the like with compact dimensions . The bathtub is no exception. Luckily, manufacturers like Mauersberger are aware of these difficulties and are reacting to them with smart, space-saving room solutions . This has led to a wide selection of small bathtubs that can be used to make bathtub dreams come true, even in small bathrooms. Despite their short length, these space-saving tubs are comfortably designed and offer plenty of freedom of movement .

The floor plan shows that the door in this bathroom can be opened wider thanks to the small bathtub that narrows towards the foot end. This would not have been possible with a standard bathtub.

Small bathtubs of different shapes and sizes

If you are looking for a small bathtub, you will come across a variety of designs, shapes and sizes. Space- saving bathtubs have become almost the epitome of small bathtubs . Tubs that are cut asymmetrically and narrow from head to foot end. However, you can also save valuable space in the bathroom with a corner bath. The classic rectangular bathtub can also be integrated into a small bathroom. Hip baths are another alternative. They usually have a length of 150 cm and less.

There are also options for those who prefer a freestanding bathtub . However, a freestanding tub with compact dimensions is not recommended for a small bathroom. As a rule, this should be set up at a certain distance from walls and equipment. A luxury that a bathroom with a small floor space only allows for in very few cases. If you want a freestanding bathtub, your bathroom should be at least 12 square meters .

Small bathtub dimensions:Small bathtub dimensions are difficult to determine and can vary. In principle, models that measure less than 170 cm in length and are 70 cm or less in width can be described as small. Particularly small bathtubs are available, for example, with lengths of 130 cm or even just 120 cm, which makes them ideal for bathrooms with compact floor plans

Of course you can place small bathtubs freestanding (see pictures above). However, this can rarely be implemented in a sensible way in a room with a small area. Bathtubs with a wall connection are more suitable because they save space.

Equip a small bathroom with a bathtub: These 3 variants allow for the greatest possible bathing pleasure

In the following, we present various bathtub shapes that are well suited for a small bathroom due to their reduced dimensions. All models come from the Saxon manufacturer Mauersberger, who manufactures all of their products in Germany at the Gelenau site. The models with small dimensions (up to max. 170 x 70 cm, excluding corner solutions) are made of high-quality sanitary acrylic.

If you want a more individual design , you can choose accessories (such as handles, cushions, drains and inlets) and special design panels with different decors or colors for the exterior design of your bathtub.

Mauersberger wraps your bathtub in an elegant robe with elegant paneling made of solid surface material. The decor can also be coordinated with the furniture in the bathroom – talk to the team about it!

1. Asymmetrical bathtubs

A clever solution for small bathrooms are asymmetrical bathtubs. By tapering towards the foot area , an asymmetrical bathtub takes up less space . In a narrow bathroom, this can mean more walking space or provide the necessary distance to another sanitary element. And there is no loss of comfort for the user if the lying surface is narrower at the foot end. As long as there is enough space for the wider areas of the body, such as around the shoulders.

Due to the smaller volume, a space-saving bathtub saves water and energy costs at the same time

tub model stricta bursea globosa ascea bombax
Measures in cm) 160×80 / ​​45*, 160×90 / 45* 160×75 / 40* 160×70, 160×75, 170×70 165×80 160×75

*= length x max. width (widest point) / min. width (narrowest point)

 2. Rectangular bathtubs

The classic with a rectangular basic shape is still very popular. With a length of less than 170 cm, it can be difficult for one or the other to stretch out comfortably. With a more inclined back surface , this is still possible. If the bathtub has to be even shorter (less than 160 cm), a comfortable bathtub with a seat could be the right solution. In this area, particularly small bathtubs can measure 120 cm, which saves a lot of space.

Mauersberger’s rectangular models are available in different sizes, the smallest measuring 160 cm (length) 

tub model aurea jucunda uno Elisal ceraria jatro
Measures in cm) 160×70, 170×70 160×70 160×70, 160×75 170×70 165×75


3. Corner tubs

Corner bathtubs also enable relaxing bathing comfort in a small space. With a corner bath, every corner is optimally exploited. It requires little space and, in contrast to rectangular models, offers more storage space for bathing accessories. All corner concepts from Mauersberger have a practical seat and a comfortable shape.

Small corner baths: These space-saving Mauersberger corner baths are suitable for anyone who needs a small bath between 130 cm and 150 cm in length.

tub model sedum fascia optica berlandi
Measures in cm) 133×133 150×150 150×150 140×140

Discover smart bathtub solutions for your mini-bathroom live

A small bathtub doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style and design. Small bathtubs come in a wide variety of styles and sizes, so you can adapt the bathtub to the individual room situation in the best possible way.

You are unsure which bathtub is the best choice for your mini bathroom. You want to know more about the possibilities with which you can transform your small bathroom into a cozy wellness oasis. The Schramm experts will be happy to advise you. As a source of inspiration for the design of your bathroom, it is also worth taking a look at our references or visiting the bathroom exhibition in Munich. Here you can examine different bathtub designs and talk to bathroom professionals about your dream bathroom directly on site.

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