New heating systems: Renewable energies are also eligible

There is good news for everyone who wants to benefit from the lower energy consumption of modern heating systems and is planning a heating modernization: the federal government has increased the funding amounts.

Not only the installation of energy-efficient heating systems is the focus of the support, but also the use of renewable energies for heating residential buildings is rewarded by the state. In the case of an energetic modernization by experts, the use of

  • solar thermal systems,
  • biomass plants,
  • Heat pumps promoted.

Basic and bonus funding

In addition to a basic state subsidy, so-called bonus subsidies are possible. You get this when, for example, you replace an old boiler with a new, efficient condensing boiler with a solar thermal system, or when you combine solar thermal systems with a heat pump or a biomass system such as a pellet stove. When replacing an old heating system with an electrically operated air/water heat pump, a one-off, all-inclusive bonus is granted.

However, the optimization and renewal of the heating system, the installation of a condensing boiler and the installation and renewal of a ventilation system can also be subsidised. For this purpose, funding for individual measures or a combination of individual measures can be applied for. You can choose between cheap financing or a one-time subsidy.

Heating check

Before modernizing the heating, however, a heating check should be carried out. With this standardized procedure, the installer can not only find out the weak points of the heating system easily and transparently, but can also suggest the necessary modernization measures afterwards. This allows you to get the most out of the funding for your heating system.    

A heating check can reveal the weak points of an old system. This standardized procedure should be carried out before every modernization.

Take advantage of the attractive funding opportunities!

Get in  touch with us . Our energy experts will be happy to advise you on the application process, current funding options and help you with the heating check.

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