heat pump maintenance

Regular professional maintenance of heat pumps is essential. As a customer, you benefit from an optimal service life and minimal repair costs. Regular maintenance ensures that your heat pump always works perfectly.

Many questions arise in the area of ​​maintenance and repair. Choosing the right contact person is particularly important for private customers.

Why maintain heat pumps at all?

As with any technical system, professional maintenance is crucial in order to ensure optimum functional reliability over the long term. With proper care, this has a particularly positive effect on the service life of the  heat pump  . Before serious problems arise, any problems are identified and eliminated as part of maintenance.

Environmental heat is renewable and freely available at all times – in the air, in the earth and in the groundwater. A heat pump raises this energy to a level suitable for heating – even when the temperature is below zero.

What is particularly important when servicing heat pumps?

The cooling medium plays an important role in the function and  maintenance  of  heat pumps  . In the compressed state, this is gaseous inside the system and liquefies when it exits. It is an extremely polluting substance. That is why our service technicians are specially qualified for the maintenance of heat pumps. You need the so-called “large cold certificate” in order to be allowed to work on the heat pump systems at all. With professional maintenance, sealing problems and potential hazards can be identified at an early stage and environmental pollution can be avoided.

What is the benefit for you as a customer?

Professional and regular  maintenance  ensures that your heat pump runs perfectly. It prevents performance losses and failures. Last but not least, maintenance is an important prerequisite for warranty claims against the manufacturer. Heat pumps should therefore be checked annually by expert service technicians.

Maintenance creates security!

Would you also like to have your heat pumps serviced professionally? Then get in  touch with us . We would be happy to arrange a suitable maintenance appointment with you.

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