Natural protection against algae and fungi on the facade

Modern facade coatings make it possible to keep facades free of algae and fungi in the long term without the use of biocidal film protection agents. “Intelligent” plasters and paints use active principles derived from nature and ensure dry, long-term clean and nutrient-poor surfaces that do not provide a basis for life for microorganisms.

For the façade products from Sto, this means that they do not use any chemical defense against microorganisms. Over the years, this range has been expanded through intensive research in the field of intelligent active principles from nature, which has made it possible to develop products based on purely bionic principles – without biocidal film protection against algae and fungi.

Algae and fungi: unloved lodgers

Algae and fungi are everywhere. There are around 3,000 algae cells and up to 10,000 fungal spores in one cubic meter of air. They colonize any subsoil – including on buildings, as the list of the Federal Environment Agency shows: “plaster, paint, wood, metal, glass, clinker, plastic or exposed concrete”. And they are very frugal; Water, minimal amounts of nutrients and – in the case of algae – light are already sufficient basics of life.

In addition to biocidal film protection, natural protection against algae and fungi can increasingly be realized nowadays

Since light is “delivered” by the sun and nutrients by wind or rain, any surface that has been exposed to moisture for a long time will sooner or later become fouled by microorganisms. This is often unsightly, but does not affect the functionality of the components. The growth of the unloved subtenants is favored by structurally poorly protected facade surfaces and climatic conditions (areas with a lot of fog and precipitation) as well as the spatial proximity to moisture reservoirs and nutrient sources such as forests, lakes, rivers and agricultural areas.

Take effective action against unwanted organisms!

Do you have any questions about the various solutions against algae and fungi? Don’t hesitate to  contact  us . Our experts will be happy to help you.

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