Mosaic tiles: small formats are big

Tiles are not just floor coverings or wall decorations. Rather, they stage holistic room concepts with their almost inexhaustible variety of colours, surfaces and formats.

Mosaic tiles adapt to any shape. The large selection of formats and colors sets no limits to the design. The Jasba mosaic is characterized by its special depth and luminosity as well as its perfect color gradations. The mosaic tiles are fired in multiple layers – with up to four glazes. All colors are optimally coordinated.

Mosaic tiles adapt to any shape and even allow round elements.

Combination of small and large formats

Small mosaics can be combined with larger formats. Perfect shine can be felt and offers a concise experience in the interplay with the joint pattern. With their attractive feel, matt surfaces fit perfectly into any design concept and also provide the necessary surefootedness in the floor area. Shaped parts set timeless accents as wall ledges or enable a deliberate design of edges.

Large formats in the interplay of colors and shapes structure walls and space, as here with the Long Island series by Jasba.

Perfectly matched in colour

Despite the interplay of different surfaces, brand manufacturers such as Jasba ensure that the colors are uniform. Several layers of glaze ensure perfect color depth. Numerous tiles and mosaics from Jasba also have a Hydrotect finish. This is burned in at the factory and gives it special properties: Products with this are easy to clean, have an antibacterial effect without chemicals and break down pollutants in the air.

The different glaze layers on the Jasba mosaic tiles create a perfect color gradation and a unique luminosity, as here with the Homing mosaic tiles.

Non-slip tiles for optimum surefootedness

To enjoy a relaxing shower, feet need a firm footing. This is especially true for  floor-level showers . It is not without reason that the non-slip tile range from Jasba is called “Secura” (safety). With the help of micro-rough surfaces and relief-like profiles, the tiles get their anti-slip effect without the design suffering.

With the Secura tiles, Jasba offers slip resistance – wherever it matters: such as in private and public  wellness rooms, walk  -in showers  and corridors,  kitchens  and sales points as well as schools and kindergartens. Due to their color coordination with the wall and floor tiles, the Jasba Secura tiles hardly differ optically from their smooth counterparts.

Sure-footedness is crucial, especially in the barefoot area.

Put tiles and mosaics in your bathroom!

Would you like to learn more about the design options with tiles and mosaics? Get in touch with us ! Our bathroom planners will be happy to advise you on the use of mosaic tiles in your bathroom.

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