Lifetime - bathrooms without barriers

Everyone has their own ideas about how their life should look like. And everyone has individual needs that they have to take into account. A solution for all life situations is LIFETIME – a collection that thinks for itself.

Which makes life easier with a variety of practical, well thought-out solutions. The complete collection was conceived with a view to comfort, usability, optimal accessibility, quality and aesthetics – for your life and normal everyday life in the bathroom.

Just beautiful. Pretty simple. – Design your bathroom in a way that is as stylish as it is sensible – and exactly how it suits you.

LIFETIME offers more than intelligent, functional solutions that are wheelchair accessible if required. It convinces with a timelessly elegant design. It creates clarity thanks to a clear selection of individual components. And finally, it gives you the choice between two furniture surfaces, three body colors and two handle variants.

If you have special practical requirements for the bathroom, you shouldn't do without good design.

Create space, use space: the barrier-free bathroom

Barriers should not be overcome. One should avoid them. The freedom of movement that you need is first created by an appropriate spatial dimension of your bathroom: Ideally, a space of 150 x 150 cm should be planned for wheelchair users in front of the washing area, toilet, bathtub and in the shower. Above all, you count: your needs, your abilities and your wishes determine what the new bathroom should look like.

The washing area as an overall concept

Convenience and hygiene combined: the flat design of the washbasin allows you to get very close to it. Recessed grips provide a secure hold. At the same time, the inwardly curved edge largely prevents splashing water from penetrating beyond the basin. Five tap hole variants make it possible to attach the practical spray hose in different positions. Many intelligent details and shapes ensure maximum functionality and intelligent handling – such as an integrated lockable waste bin, the extended mirror for the best views when seated or the side surfaces of the washbasin, which not only serve as shelves but also as comfortable armrests – for example when washing your hair with the practical spray hose.

A multifunctional washing area that leaves nothing to be desired.

The toilet area as a functional unit

The LIFETIME toilet offers particularly comfortable dimensions and an ergonomically shaped seat that was developed together with the Fraunhofer Institute. In combination with a folding support rail, it provides extra security, combined with the toilet furniture, it offers a comfortable surface and storage space.

Soft closing allows the toilet lid to be closed silently and quick release makes cleaning easier.

The bathtub as a wellness area

The installation of the LIFETIME bathtub can be designed and supplemented individually and also wheelchair-friendly, for example with additional side handles, generous space in front of the bathtub and a brick seat at the head end of the bathtub. Basically, the use of a bathtub in the case of physical limitations depends on the individual abilities of each individual. Aids such as bath lifters can be useful here.

Simply beautiful: The Quaryl® material developed exclusively by Villeroy&Boch is particularly easy to care for.Practical and reliable: Shapely, solid side handles provide safety and help when getting in and out.

The shower as a comfort zone

Barrier-free access and a generous area of ​​150 x 150 cm are essential prerequisites for the ideal design of a wheelchair-accessible shower area. It should also have an integrated seat, handles and a height-adjustable fitting.

An integrated seat, for example in the form of a brick bench, as a folding seat or shower chair, enables comfortable and safe showering. Missing floor profiles facilitate access.

Your new bathroom: as dynamic as you feel.

The good thing about getting older? Knowing exactly what you want and need. LIFETIME offers you exactly the ideas and solutions that meet your requirements – right down to the last detail. The recessed grips under the wheelchair-accessible washbasin ensure a secure hold, the trolley with its lockable castors serves as a comfortable seat. What else should you consider? Enough space for yourself – a radius of 120 cm is considered ideal – and especially in the shower area tiles with high slip resistance for safe footing on damp floors.

Make your bathroom future-proof!

Do you want to make your bathroom barrier-free and rely on intelligent technology? Get in  touch with us . Our experts will be happy to help you.

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