How long does a bathroom renovation take?

The bathroom tiles are old-fashioned? The fixtures look worn and the truth is you’d rather need two sinks to avoid elbow wars while brushing your teeth? A bathroom renovation transforms your old bathroom into a modern, comfortable bathroom that is tailored to your current needs. But despite all the anticipation of the new bathroom, costs and the duration of the measures play a central role. The duration is of great importance, especially if you only have one bathroom and cannot switch to any other alternative.

Find out in our article how much time you should plan for a redesign and on which factors the duration of a bathroom renovation depends.

These factors influence the duration of the bathroom renovation
Just like the costs, the duration of the bathroom renovation also depends on many factors. When it comes to this topic, customer wishes are just as important as the bathroom itself. The bathroom planner has to strike a balance between both sides. The circumstances of the bathroom are recorded in the course of an inventory and the condition of the building fabric is analysed. Only then does it become clear what can actually be realized as part of a renovation.

The challenge for the bathroom planner is to reconcile the spatial conditions with individual requirements and a specific budget. Depending on the nature of the bathroom, the wishes of the user can only be implemented with a great deal of structural (and sometimes financial) effort or not at all. But even when the plan for the new bathroom is in place, patience is required. Renovating a bathroom takes time. How long the entire bathroom renovation ultimately takes is significantly influenced by the following four factors.

The individual dream bathroom looks different for everyone

The individual requirements of the renovated bathroom
Every project starts with a dream. Your own ideas, visions and wishes play a major role in the design of the perfect bathroom. Both in terms of style and functionality, the demands are very different. While some long for a comfortable wellness area with a corner bathtub, others want a modern walk-in shower with a rain shower. And a young family places different demands on their bathroom than an elderly couple with physical disabilities. No matter how personal needs are designed, the new bathroom should meet them .

But the individual requirements have a very strong impact on the effort and thus on the duration of the bathroom renovation. Is it just a cosmetic redesign or a complete remodel? Should complex special requests be implemented? If, for example, the shower or bathtub is replaced with new models and repositioned in the bathroom, this involves a greater amount of effort. The conversion quickly takes one or more days longer because the corresponding supply and waste water pipes have to be laid first.

The availability of the materials is of course also important. If you have specific special requests that may require longer delivery, this can delay the bathroom renovation by several weeks.

The current condition and age of the object
If the renovation object is older, this has an impact on the conversion measures. If connections are missing or lines have to be replaced due to wear and tear, this costs time.

The size of the bathroom is also important, especially if there is a lot to do in the plumbing area (e.g. rebuild the floor or increase the space). Depending on the area, tiling also sometimes takes longer – although the time required is less important in comparison. Nonetheless, small bathrooms can be just as labor intensive. This is especially true if they only offer space for one craftsman and work cannot be carried out in parallel.

The scope of the rehabilitation work
It depends on what work is necessary to renew the bathroom as desired. In most cases, a complete renovation involves gutting the bathroom and rebuilding it.

At the beginning of the construction phase, the facility is protected by various measures. Among other things, access routes are taped and provided with fleece. This is followed by the dismantling of the old stock and demolition. Then it goes to the raw and fine installation, until finally the renovated bathroom can be handed over. One of the most time-consuming steps is the replacement of pipelines. If natural plaster is used in the bathroom, longer drying times can also occur.

Who does the bathroom renovation?
How long you have to wait for your dream bathroom naturally depends on whether you do a lot of the work yourself or have the bathroom renovation carried out entirely by an expert.

In order to save money on bathroom renovations, some homeowners like to do manual work themselves and take on tasks such as laying the tiles. It is not uncommon for the time factor to be massively underestimated. After all, only the weekend or vacation usually offers the opportunity to work on the bathroom project. As a result, the renovation of the bathroom can even take up to a year . However, taking action yourself not only affects the time, but also the appearance. So before you decide against craftsmen, you should ask yourself whether you can live with blemishes in the bathroom for the next 10 or 20 years or whether you would rather have a bathroom where everything is done professionally and accurately.

The quickest way to get a perfect bath is to hire a general contractor to organize and coordinate all the trades. Of course, you can also hire electricians, plumbers and other trades yourself. But here, too, agreements and appointment coordination cost a lot of time, so that the bathroom renovation takes much longer. If there are conflicting appointments between craftsmen, it can even happen that nothing happens in your bathroom for days and the work stagnates.

That’s how long a bathroom renovation takes on average
How long a bathroom renovation takes varies from project to project. The following estimate is based on

You work with a competent general contractor who works with equally competent subcontractors,
as a homeowner, do not issue change orders during construction that will slow down progress,
at the beginning of the construction phase all materials and furnishings are already delivered and available.
If this is the case, the following applies:

Under ideal conditions, a bathroom renovation takes an average of 2 to 3 weeks – assuming that no work is done on the weekends.

attention ! This is only a rough guide and refers to the crucial phase in which your bathroom is no longer usable. As already mentioned, the time it takes to redesign the bathroom depends on many factors and circumstances.

Of course, the refurbishment phase, when construction work takes place and the bathroom is no longer habitable, is of particular interest. After all, it goes hand in hand with restrictions in everyday living habits. However, the construction phase is only the last step in the bathroom renovation.

Other important phases in bathroom renovation and their duration
A bathroom renovation essentially consists of three steps. Planning is the starting point, followed by the ordering and delivery of goods. These phases are fixed components and vary in their extent. Together they usually last around two and a half months. The construction phase starts when the necessary materials are available. On average, if it is a complete renovation, it takes two to three weeks.

That means: The entire duration from planning to completion is around 10 – 13 weeks.

A specific indication of the duration is only possible when the project has been planned in full and down to the smallest detail. Planners and customers can only work with guide values ​​until the full scope of the work has been determined.

Tip: If there is no second bathroom and it is not possible to use the bathroom of relatives or acquaintances during the construction phase, a mobile sanitary facility can help.

Save time with a general contractor
Nobody, whether owner or renter, wants to live with a construction site in their home for a long time. There are special processes that can be used to minimize dirt and dust exposure. However, there is no remedy for the occasional noise. Many also ask themselves the question: “Where to go during the bathroom renovation?”. Because not everyone has a second bathroom that can be used during the construction phase. It’s no wonder that, from the customer’s point of view, the conversion should be completed as quickly as possible. We have a solution how to avoid unnecessary delays. Our tip: Hire a general contractor.

On the one hand, general contractors can take on many services themselves; on the other hand, they work together with long-standing partners with whom they know from experience that the craftsmen can be relied on. Both in terms of quality of work and reliability. For this reason, the conversion is faster and can in most cases be offered at a fixed price. Accordingly, you benefit from greater security when carrying out the bathroom renovation.

With a general contractor you have one contact for all questions

Get your dream bathroom quickly and easily – with the experts from
On average , our pool builders need two to three weeks for a complete renovation . One of the reasons for this is that they offer all services from a single source. You can cover a large part of the work with your own staff. For all other tasks, they have professional partners with whom they have been working optimally for years. In this way, all trades can be covered without any problems, from the system fitter and electrician to the glazier and carpenter.

This saves you a lot of stress because you do not have to take care of the assignment and coordination yourself. More importantly, the pool builders can create a tight schedule so that the bathroom can be completed quickly. Gaps in the schedule, which extend the duration of the construction work, are avoided.

You can sit back and relax during the conversion, as long as you don’t want to contribute any of your own. Even if time doesn’t go by any faster on vacation, users can bridge the construction phase so well – and look forward to their dream bathroom in a relaxed manner.

And finally the time has come: walk into the new bathroom!

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