Guest toilet with shower: ideas and assistance from Schramm

As a rule, guest toilets are small. Despite this, some have enough space to accommodate a guest toilet and shower in a small space . In this article, we will show you how professional bathroom planners master this challenge. In addition, we give you tips for guest bathroom design. Be inspired – for your personal guest toilet with shower!

For that extra bit of privacy: Small guest toilet with shower

If visitors are announced, it is the wish of every host that they feel at home. These include a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere and orderly, clean rooms. Overnight guests should also be given sufficient privacy. And you can offer that to visitors in a special way with a comfortable guest room and bathroom. In this way, visitors can withdraw if they wish and without inconvenience. In addition, there is no queue in front of the bathroom.

Example of a guest toilet with shower: under the mirror, the brickwork and washbasin provide storage space for the guest bathroom. Thanks to the foldable corner shower partitions, the shower area can be entered effortlessly.

Unfortunately, many people are familiar with the situation where the existing guest toilet is extremely small and it is therefore difficult to even imagine a shower cubicle in it. With the tips of the bathroom planner, however, you can accommodate the shower and toilet in the smallest of spaces despite the lack of space .

You should consider the following points if you want to combine a shower and freedom of movement in your guest toilet:

structure Use every inch of space and be creative! Why cradle a shower cubicle with rigid walls in the corner of a room when a shower area can be placed more independently in the room thanks to moveable partitions (for folding or folding)?
shower enclosure Collapsible and hinged shower enclosures are ideal because they retract flat against the walls. When the shower area is not in use, the splash guard is folded up, freeing up valuable walking space. If the shower partition is also transparent (clear glass), it has a discreet effect and does not visually narrow the bathroom.
tiles Large- format tiles make the bathroom appear larger, especially if you emphasize the floor with a darker shade. Lay the tile mirror halfway up the walls , except in the shower area, to create a homely look.
color selection Light colors give a small room an open, friendly character. Dark tones (e.g. colored accessories) provide great accents and loosen up the atmosphere.
storage space Take advantage of made-to-order products and rely on wall-hanging products . This way the floor of the bathroom will not be cluttered and it will appear bigger. You can also use pre-wall installations as storage and for niches .

Guest toilet shower: A floor-level shower area with a foldable shower door makes optimal use of the available space and still offers sufficient freedom of movement without overloading the room

Real examples of your guest toilet with shower

Many ideas for a small guest toilet with shower are presented in living magazines and on the Internet. But often these are rendered views, so-called image synthesis, which are created with the help of special computer software. These are based on the example of real bathrooms, but say little about the feasibility.

Our bathroom partners , on the other hand, renovate bathrooms with a wide variety of floor plans every day. On our website they give you an insight into their work and the opportunity to look at real references. We have selected two projects that can serve as inspiration for a guest toilet with shower.

Modern bathroom for guests

In Gräfeling, the Schramm team only had 3.5 m² to accommodate the washbasin, toilet and shower area. Directly adjacent to the guest room, the guest toilet was to be redesigned and modernized. Thanks to being made to measure, the washbasin fits perfectly into the existing niche. A large drawer creates storage space in the bathroom and together with the half-height brick wall of the toilet next door, additional storage space has been created.

Guest toilet with shower and floor plan: The plan of the guest toilet shows how the Schramm team’s bathroom planner used every centimeter to perfection. The toilet and washing area are directly adjacent to each other. Opposite you, the shower area takes up the entire space between the wall and the window. Even a towel radiator could be integrated.

Just like the vanity, the mirror is a custom-made product. In this way, it skilfully fills the niche space and at the same time gives the small room optical size and more brightness. The area next to the narrow window was used for a shower cubicle with a corner entry . This results in broad access to the area despite the compact area. Glass walls help to visually integrate the shower area more into the overall picture because they do not represent a visual barrier.

Bright guest toilet with shower in the attic

In this example, a new guest room and bathroom was to be built in a roof gallery. The bathroom planners at Schmidt & Eger GmbH & Co. KG developed a sophisticated room concept for the still empty area. A bright, square shower room with a feel-good character was created on 3.2 m² .

Installing a shower in the guest toilet: When planning the guest toilet, you should make sure that you plan enough free space to be able to move around the room easily.

The shower cubicle found its new home next to the toilet. Thanks to its corner entry and the foldable shower doors , it is easy to enter despite the small space. A narrow vanity was chosen for the wash area along with a small glass shelf and a lighted mirror. The cream-colored floor tiles gently emphasize the floor plan. On the other hand, half-height white tiles were laid on the walls, which are replaced by wall sections painted white. Only in the shower area are the tiles up to the height of the shower doors. The predominantly white and transparent design makes the small guest bathroom look wonderfully friendly and open .

Gather ideas from professionals for the guest toilet with shower

Creativity and unconventional solutions are required for small as well as awkward problem bathrooms if you want to have a guest toilet with a shower. In some cases, partition walls can be torn down or niches built in.

If you turn to a professional bathroom planner when planning your guest bathroom , you can be sure that they will find elegant solutions. Benefit from the wealth of experience of the specialists and let us advise you. You can search for a bathroom builder in your area in our bathroom showroom section For more information on bathroom design and renovations, you will find plenty of suggestions in our guide.

Our bathroom partners will be happy to help you if anything is unclear about the bathroom renovation or if you have problems in the bathroom area Write us your request to have it answered by our experts. If you would like to see other real bathroom projects, you can browse through our references and get ideas for your powder room with shower!

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