Furnishing guest toilets: inspiration and tips from Schramm

The guest toilet causes headaches for many builders. Not only the lack of space is a trigger, but also the facility! Fixed elements such as toilets and sinks offer little scope for creativity. But even if the guest toilet is only limited to a few square meters, it does not necessarily have to remain a purely practical room. With clever planning and the right furnishing elements, you can perfectly harmonize design and functionality – regardless of the size of the bathroom.

Do you want to get the most out of your guest bathroom? In our guide, we explain what needs to be considered when furnishing your guest bathroom and show you examples of how you can make the guest bathroom practical and inviting despite the limited space . Let yourself be inspired!

Guest toilet facilities: what is included?

The guest toilet floor plan is often small. In addition, there are the sanitary elements such as the washbasin and toilet, which have their fixed position in the room due to the waste water and fresh water pipes . In order to be able to set up the guest toilet in the best possible way, you should start from the beginning. This means that you should first consider all the elements that influence the ambiance of the room and should be considered when planning. After all, the end result depends on the perfect interaction of all individual room elements .

Furnishing elements of a guest toilet:

basic elements of the room Materials and finishes for floor, walls, ceiling, door
sanitary products Toilet, sink, fitting(s), shower if necessary
furniture Vanity unit, vanity top, mirror cabinet, wall cabinets, shelves
Accesories Lamps, mirrors, heaters (not always available), flush controls, toilet paper holders, toilet brushes, towel rails, etc.
decoration Plants, photographs, vases, figures etc.

Classic guest toilet furnishings and equipment: toilet, washbasin, toilet accessories, fittings, mirror, tiles, wall color and plant 

6 practical tips for furnishing the guest toilet

Regardless of whether your guests use the toilet or just want to freshen up, as a good host you want your visitors to feel comfortable in the guest bathroom.

Cozy and practical, instead of sober and cold – that should be the requirement for the guest bathroom!

The properties of the guest toilet facilities are important for a sensible guest toilet design ! If these are taken into account during planning, space can be saved and a homely atmosphere can be achieved.

If you want to furnish your small guest toilet in an attractive way, you should observe these six principles:

1. If possible , use wall-hanging furniture and sanitary objects to make the floor area appear larger.2. Use small, narrow and flat furnishings . Recommendable for furniture are above all built-in modules and custom -made products, which fit wonderfully into the room conditions and fill niches.

3. Choose different shapes and colors for the objects , e.g. B. angular toilets, black fittings, etc. These set exciting accents in the guest toilet.

4. In contrast to bathroom furniture and sanitary objects, you can use large models for bathroom mirrors . In this way, the room appears larger.

5. For less cleaning effort and a greater feeling of space, we recommend equipping the bathroom with large-format tiles , several single-colored surfaces and individual accents (such as mosaic strips, murals, etc.).

6. Less is more – if you set up a small guest toilet, you should pay attention to a small number of furnishings . The room quickly appears overcrowded and overwhelms the bathroom user.

Set up a small guest toilet: The furnishings for the guest toilet or bathroom can be reduced. Focus on the basic elements of the room: walls, floor, vanity, toilet and accessories. Individual decorative objects underline a homely style. 

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How to set up a guest toilet? You should avoid these mistakes

When you set up your guest toilet, you should ensure that the objects are arranged in a sensible way. Above all, sufficient freedom of movement and intuitive usability are of great importance. Residents and guests should neither have to squeeze past a washbasin nor bump into walls or other elements when using the toilet. In an ideally furnished guest toilet, accessories such as toilet paper or brushes are also easily accessible and easy to find from the toilet . Unusual furniture or accessories are wonderful eye-catchers, but not always intuitive to use. So avoid unnecessary confusion.

Furnishing guest toilet: Choose the right furnishing elements for your individual guest toilet! A small vanity with vanity unit and a matching small countertop washbasin were used in this guest toilet. The design of the objects is reduced because the optical focus is on the noble metro tiles.

Inspiration for your guest toilet: furnishing ideas from Schramm

A beautiful guest toilet with a pleasant ambience not only ensures that your guests feel comfortable. You too benefit from it. If other family members are blocking your own bathroom, the powder room is a nice alternative.

Want your powder room to be more than just a dreary wet room? Are you missing ideas on how to make your small guest toilet look big? Then you should take a look at the following gallery. Although guest toilets can look different, the floor plan and arrangement of the elements are often very similar. Accordingly, the following guest toilet furnishing examples can serve as a helpful source of inspiration for your own guest toilet furnishing.

Furnishings in the guest toilet: Wall-mounted soap dispensers, narrow washbasins with a fitting on the side and wall-mounted installations are ideal for a small room. Different materials in the equipment create a perfect visual change.

Furnishing WC: If you are looking for ideas for furnishing the WC, you can look around on our website! Various guides and references provide the desired inspiration for your guest bathroom!

A single washbasin with a shelf or a washbasin with a vanity unit: there is a suitable piece of furniture for every need

Guest toilet furnishing ideas: The strong black and white contrast gives these guest toilets an elegant, cool look

More inspiration and tips for your powder room

Whether your bathroom has an appealing ambience is less a question of size than of the right furnishings. If you are looking for more tips and examples for designing guest toilets, you should take a look at our references. Here you will find a large selection of different bathroom projects with detailed information and pictures.

A visit to our bathroom showroom in Munich can also be worthwhile to get even more inspiration for your guest toilet. You can also talk to local professionals here and get tips on how to make a lot out of little space.

Would you like to completely renew your guest toilet ? Then we recommend a guest toilet renovation! The room will be thoroughly modernized, including the plumbing, electrics and all fixtures and fittings.

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