Comfort in no time at all with the new Hansgrohe Talis mixers with swivel spout

The mixer and shower specialist Hansgrohe has given the individual space under the tap a name: the ComfortZone. More space means more comfort, more well-being in the bathroom.

“The height and functions of a washbasin faucet determine how versatile the water source can be used in the washbasin,” says Hansgrohe Product Manager Axel Meißner. With the new models in the Talis faucet line, the ComfortZone expands in the blink of an eye: Thanks to the 360-degree rotatable spout of the Talis 80, Talis 150 and Talis 250 models, a curved water jet is created. This provides additional comfort when rinsing out your mouth, washing your hair, cleaning the sink, drinking water and caring for your face.

The Hansgrohe Talis faucet line consists of nothing but flexible helpers - and it is a prime example of the new generosity at the washbasin.

Swiveling and rotating spout for more freedom

The new heights of the fittings also offer more flexibility at the washing area, so that the right model can be found for every use and every washbasin. The slender Talis 80 fitting is ideal for smaller washbasins in guest bathrooms. The two models with a high spout are ideal combination partners for wash bowls or large washbasins. The spout can also be easily swiveled to the side. Bumping or banging, for example when filling large containers such as watering cans or vases, is practically impossible. In addition to swiveling, the swivel spout on the Talis 250 is particularly useful when washing your hair. The Talis 210 fitting with a spout that can be swiveled by 120 degrees also offers a lot of freedom but a slimmer look.

The wide range of Talis fittings offers even more choice when designing the wash area:

  • With the Talis 3-hole basin mixer, users can control cold and hot water separately.
  • The Talis wall fitting saves space at the washbasin
  • Two spout variants of different lengths, 165 or 225 millimeters, provide options when it comes to matching the respective washbasin.
  • But the Talis bidet, bath or shower mixers are also the right solution for any other water source in the bathroom for a consistently designed ambience.

Economical water and energy consumption

Thanks to the tried-and-tested ceramic cartridge, the water temperature and volume can be adjusted in a targeted and smooth manner on all mixers. In addition, all fittings for the wash area are equipped with Hansgrohe EcoSmart technology as standard. A precision O-ring integrated into the spout is used to keep the flow rate constant at around 5 liters per minute at different water pressures. Since less water has to be heated, you also save energy and reduce CO2 emissions. At the same time, the water is enriched with air for a pleasantly soft, full jet.

The right fitting for your bathroom!

Has your interest in Hansgrohe fittings been aroused? Do not hesitate and get in  touch with us . Our bathroom planners will be happy to advise you – from selecting the right fitting to planning your bathroom!

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