Bathroom furnishings from Keuco

Are you interested in complete bathrooms, bathroom furnishings and accessories from Keuco? Get in touch with us . As a recommended specialist dealer from Keuco, we would be happy to advise you individually and based on your needs.

Edition Palais: Rounded furniture shapes, stylish elegance and a small portion of opulence reminiscent of the style of bygone eras.
The Edition 11 from Keuco offers an extensive range of furniture and washbasins.
With the KEUCO EDITION 400, modern bathroom planning has a wide range of high-quality products at its disposal, which can be combined with one another to your heart's content - completely individually.
With the new IXMO fittings from KEUCO, the innovation is not only in the visual area, but also significantly in the technical area - all according to the motto: Less can do more.
The noble design with its clear lines ensures timeless elegance in the ROYAL MATCH from KEUCO. The edges are made of sturdy, powder-coated aluminium, on the sides are the long LED lights around which the crystal-clear mirrored doors rotate when opened.

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