Axor Bouroullec: Even more options for the bathroom of your dreams

You never have enough freedom: Axor Bouroullec, the collection that Axor has put together with the French designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec under the motto “The freedom to combine freely”, now offers even more combination options at the wash area. The collection now includes fittings with new spout heights, lever handle variants and a vanity unit.    

New washbasin fittings for even more combination options Axor Bouroullec is the collection for even more individual bathroom solutions. The already diverse combination options for washbasins and fittings are being expanded with new fittings such as the 3-hole washbasin fitting with a height of 155 mm and very functional lever handles. The spout and handles can be placed independently in many different places on and around the washbasin, depending on the user’s individual aesthetic preferences and functional requirements. The new shape of the handles is ergonomically designed to be safe to use even with wet, soapy hands.

The harmoniously flowing shelves are not just aesthetic design elements. Rather, they leave room to arrange the fittings freely and to store the many personal items.

Also new is the 2-hole basin mixer with a height of 90 mm. Mixers with a particularly high spout (300 mm) give you the opportunity to combine Axor Bouroullec’s unmistakable, minimalist, organic design language with wash bowls from other collections. Whether washbowls with a high rim, bulbous bowls or super-flat bowls – Axor Bouroullec. Faucets can now add even more personal favorite situations.

The table for the collection

Axor not only offers innovations for the washbasin, but now also the original washbasin furniture made of light oak and birch and white Corian board, which was also designed by the brothers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. The wall-mounted tables give you more freedom to design: do you want to combine the furniture with the built-in washbasins from the collection or would you rather place a washbasin on top? Depending on which solution better suits your taste and your personal ideas of functionality and aesthetics, you choose the model with a closed or cut Corian plate. Axor Bouroullec: Freedom is spreading.

The organic, elegant design is never in the foreground. All elements play together wonderfully - from the fittings and washbasin to the shelves and the mirror.

Opt for individuality!

With Axor Bouroullec you can realize your own ideas in the bathroom. Get in touch with us . Our bathroom experts will be happy to help you.

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