Walk-in shower under the sloping roof

Be it a detached house or an apartment building, a rental apartment or a condominium: sloping ceilings in the bathroom are not uncommon. They cause headaches and drive the residents to despair. If you long for a shower under the sloping roof, this is often difficult. A walled walk-in shower is an elegant and functional solution here, with which the space under the incline can be fully exploited.

Here you will find inspiration and tips on how to cleverly and elegantly solve space problems with a walk-in shower in the sloping roof .

Shower in a bathroom with a sloping roof: (not) a problem?

At first glance, a sloping ceiling may seem like an interior design challenge. Nevertheless, this architectural feature also offers incomparable opportunities to cleverly integrate the slopes into the room design. If you use the uniqueness of a bathroom with sloping ceilings correctly, your bathroom becomes a cozy and inviting feel-good zone.

One of the main issues with an attic bathroom is accommodating the shower under the sloping ceiling. Unusual angles can make it difficult to integrate the shower into the room in such a way that it offers freedom of movement on the one hand and at the same time there is enough space for the rest of the sanitary items.

Many people compromise by squeezing into a tiny cabin or opting for a tub instead. It doesn’t have to be! Despite the sloping ceilings, you don’t have to do without a spacious shower. But what is the best solution specifically for your bathroom? It is impossible for consumers to get an overview of the technical options and diverse design possibilities for an attic bathroom. Therefore, we recommend working with experts.

A professional bathroom builder can tell you what is possible when converting a bathroom and how best to place the shower in the sloping roof.

The red dashed line shows the end of the sloping roof. Residents can only move freely and upright in the front part of the bathroom.

For clever use of space: walk-in shower in the sloping roof

There are two positioning options for a shower under the roof: The shower area is placed in such a way that the short side is overshadowed by the slope or one of the long sides runs completely underneath. Walk-in showers have the advantage that their shower areas are elongated. Despite the sloping roof, there is still enough room for movement for the users.

With pointed roofs, the walk-in shower can be positioned parallel to the sloping roof. If the incline is on the short side of the shower, the area is stretched out until users can stand comfortably in it.

The space below the sloping roof in a shower does not have to remain unused. Various design options are available so that this space is not wasted. A brick bench in the shower easily fills the space. It offers storage space and increases comfort. With a bench, you can enjoy a particularly relaxing shower experience in your shower under the sloping roof.

Wall niches in the shower can be used to create additional storage space for shampoo, shower gel and other shower utensils. If you design them with atmospheric light or mosaic stones , you ensure even more wellness feeling when showering. There are no limits for your creativity.

If the walk-in shower is bricked, there is a separate shower area with sufficient privacy

Showers with a view: sloping ceiling shower with window

If the bathroom is small and the sloping roof takes up a lot of space, a window can provide more comfort. With a roof window, there is no thick insulation, which means that there is more space (height) for a shower placed underneath. With a new or larger window in the sloping roof, you can outsmart several things at once: More daylight enters the bathroom, the usable area is increased (without having to tear down walls), and you have a great view while you shower. A more expensive variant would be to install a dormer window in the slope.

With a skylight, more space can be gained for a toilet, bath or shower under the sloping roof

This is how the combination of shower, incline and comfort succeeds

In a bathroom under the roof, the bathtub and toilet are usually positioned under the sloping roof. In this way, the restricted area under the slope is optimally filled. You don’t get into the tub upright and you use the toilet while sitting. It is therefore not a problem if the room height is limited here. If there is a height of around 190 to 220 cm (depending on the height of the user) at the points where the elements point into the room, nothing stands in the way of comfortable use.

Planning a shower under the sloping roof is far more difficult. Parts of the faucet (shower rail, overhead shower) must be attached at the correct height, the person showering must not bump into the incline or have to awkwardly bend down. In addition, the shower enclosure must be adapted to the sloping roof. In addition, the steam generated during the shower must be able to escape properly.

Since the shower has to be of a certain height, it is often placed between other elements on the single floor-to-ceiling wall. Disadvantage: The area seems cramped, offers little space and comfort.

Half-open walk-in showers are often used in sloping bathrooms, as these models do not weigh down the bathroom, but instead make it appear open and large. There are various ways to reconcile sloping ceilings and comfort in a walk-in shower. The limitations of the shower are decisive. Future builders can choose between glass or brick partitions for a shower in the sloping roof.

Brick walk-in shower, adapted to the pitched roof If a walk-in shower is bricked up, at least one boundary has to be rebuilt. Rarely is there an existing niche with three delimiting walls .The advantage is that the wall can be customized. It can be adjusted exactly to the slope. In this way, the sloping roof can be optimally utilized thanks to the walled walk-in shower. In addition, there is a shower area with privacy.
Walk-in shower with glass partition, custom-made A glass partition often consists of one or two parts . Custom-made products allow the glass wall to be perfectly adjusted to the slope of the roof.With a glass partition, the view into the bathroom remains free and is not blocked. This creates an open atmosphere and the bathroom appears more spacious . For more privacy, all or part of the glass wall can be frosted so that this area is not completely visible.

In terms of design, the brick walk-in showers are flexible. You can use a half-height wall to limit it, insert niches or incisions, or flatten the brick wall towards the shower entrance. Combinations with a glass partition are also possible. You are free to implement the walled shower in the sloping area with or without a door. Depending on whether you prefer a closed shower cubicle. Concentrate on your needs and the perfect, modern concept will emerge.

Information and advice for walk-in showers under the sloping roof

A bathroom with a sloping roof is not easy to design. But if the individual sub-areas of the bathroom are arranged cleverly, the bathroom under the roof can become a true oasis of well-being. For further information, we recommend making an appointment in a bathroom studio and getting advice from experts on site. On our website you will find other references in which attic bathrooms have been renovated. Collect inspiration and ideas from us on the subject of walk-in showers in the sloping roof for your bathroom renovation.

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