Twice as nice: a bathtub for 2 people

Forget the worries of everyday life together in the bathtub? Spend relaxing bathing time together with your partner? In many tanks this is impossible. Regular tubs are either too small or things like the overflow or faucet get in the way so only one person can lie comfortably in it. If you want to enjoy the pleasures of a full bath for two, consider purchasing a 2-person bathtub.

We will tell you which bathtub solutions you can use to carry out the shared bathing ritual with maximum comfort and explain the features, different designs and advantages of bathtubs for 2 people.

The double bath: space and bathing comfort for 2 people

Bathtubs that can accommodate two people are called two-seater or double bathtubs . There are models in which the lying surface is designed on one side in such a way that users can lie next to each other. Other tubs have two identically designed lying areas for the back – accordingly, the bathers sit opposite each other. These variants of the double bathtub are often a little easier to accommodate in the bathroom because they are mostly symmetrical and no part of the bathtub protrudes further into the room.

Of course, the size and shape of a bathtub for 2 people must be right, otherwise the user will not feel comfortable. The best way to find the right bathtub: try it out!

With a bathtub for 2 people, it is important that the technology does not become a disruptive factor. Fitting, overflow and drain should not be in the way. The accessories are often on one side, in the so-called foot area, which is not a problem for a single person. But that would be a disadvantage in a two-seater. For this reason, the visible technology is built into them in the middle of the tub. Fittings that are not part of the bathtub should also be placed in the middle

Bathtub for 2 people next to each other: Unlike usual, users can lie next to each other in this bathtub

How big does a bath tub have to be for 2 people?

In order to enable users to have a comfortable bath, the two-seaters should be of a certain size. The usual standard dimensions for normal bathtubs are 175 × 75 cm or 180 × 80 cm. However, that would be too small for two people. Bathtubs for two are at least 100 centimeters wide and 185 centimeters long so that two adults can lie comfortably next to each other in the bathtub . For even more comfort, there are of course duo bathtubs that are up to 120 centimeters wide.

You should choose the length of the bathtub so that you can stretch out completely without any problems. Of course, the choice of the perfect bathtub not only depends on how tall or thin a user is, but is also linked to the spatial conditions. In order to offer suitable solutions for the most diverse needs, double bathtubs are available in different sizes and shapes.

Variety of shapes for double bathtubs

When it comes to design, there is an enormous variety, so it is rather difficult to choose a double bathtub. There is not only a large selection of sizes and external shapes of the double bathtubs. Many bathtubs have a classic rectangular outer shape, but offer different inner shapes as a special feature, ranging from oval to rectangular to asymmetrical. Thanks to the combination of the classic rectangular shape and the unusual interior shape, the tub can be placed well in the corner and at the same time is a real eye-catcher in every bathroom.

The bathtub for 2: advantages, examples & ideas

A bathtub for two offers a unique, cozy bathing comfort for couples. Taking a bath with your partner is romantic and relaxing. Especially in the cooler months and in winter. If the bathtub for 2 is also equipped with atmospheric lighting effects, every full bath becomes a feel-good experience. Extras such as neck pads and backrests provide additional comfort when bathing.

Bathing with the little ones is also fun and more relaxed than bending over the tub for a long time or leaning on the edge.

In order to help you find the best double bathtub for your needs, we will present you with various shapely concepts below, which impress with their innovative design and well thought-out functions. Be inspired by the examples listed here!

Like the afra (170 x 170 cm), the convexa (190 x 170 cm) is an XXL bathtub for 2 people

acrylic bathtubs

Sanitary acrylic is one of the most popular bathtub materials – this also applies to double bathtubs. A great advantage of acrylic bathtubs is the pleasantly warm surface, thanks to which the material does not feel uncomfortably cold even at low room temperatures. Acrylic bathtubs for two people are available in different variants: oval, hexagonal and octagonal, large-capacity and rectangular concepts are represented. There is a suitable bathtub for every bathroom situation. In addition, thanks to the non-porous surface, the acrylic bathtubs are easy to clean and particularly hygienic.

We present from Mauersberger: Various examples of a pleasantly large bathtub for 2 people

The following Mauersberger bathtubs are well suited for more than one person due to the centrally installed accessories:

  Bathtub for 2 made of sanitary acrylic
Rectangular ausana uno, ausana duo, convexa (190 x 100 cm), duoformis, jucunda duo, nivalis square, perfo
oval crispa uno, crispa duo, fusaca, nivalis oval, primo (1-3), ubesa
corner bath arista, berlandi, fascia, optica, senecio
Further optusa, ovata, ovata asym (6 corners); grandis (8 vertices); afra, convexa (190 x 170cm), felina (large space); coperi (round, large area)

A large corner bath for 2 people promises heavenly indulgence. The practical thing: thanks to its special shape, the bathtub can fill a corner of the bathroom and therefore does not extend too far into the middle of the room. In addition, a shaped corner can serve as an additional seat.

Freestanding bathtubs made of solid surface material

If you want to create a special place of well-being, a free-standing bathtub is exactly what you need. The condition for this is that you have enough space in the bathroom for such a bathtub. For a double bath measuring 190 x 100 cm, you ideally need an area of ​​300 x 210 cm. Because its unique effect only comes into its own when it is placed at a distance from the rest of the furniture.

Would you like a freestanding bathtub for 2 people? No problem, at Mauersberger all models are designed as two-seaters. All you have to do is find the model you want in the right size!

High-quality solid surface material is particularly popular with customers as a tub material because it feels neither cold nor hard. The matt surface flatters the skin, which is an important point for the feel-good factor. No one likes stepping into a bathtub that doesn’t feel good and cools down quickly.

The following models from Mauersberger are an example of free-standing bathtubs made of solid surface material. Every modern free-standing bathtub from Mauersberger is already a highlight due to the velvety mineral material and ensures a feeling of well-being in a full bath together:

  Mineral composite bathtub for 2 people
Rectangular amos, pexa (190 x 100 cm), rila, xio
oval cancu cavi, faris, ianto, ianto cavi, levo, teres
Further pexa (190 x 170 cm, large space); chios (1-3, semi-freestanding bathtubs)

Whirlpool bath for 2 people

For those who want more than just relaxing in hot water, a whirlpool tub is perfect. Air and water jets (sometimes in combination) pamper the body and guarantee comfort in a class of its own. The position of the nozzles can be individually determined by the customer on some models.

To round off the bathtub, you can have lights and speakers integrated in addition to the whirlpool. Lighting and music can have therapeutic effects and make bathing together an all-round harmonious experience.

Whirlpool bathtub for 2 people: Unwind together in the whirlpool bath and let the water and air jets massage you

Bathtub for two – More info and expert advice

With a bathtub for two people, you can transform your bathroom into a luxurious wellness oasis. Share soothing bath time with a loved one and experience a moment of relaxation together in a bathtub for two.

Shared bathing pleasures are double bathing pleasures! We would be happy to help you find the perfect duo bathtub for your needs. Visit our bathroom showroom in Munich to speak to experts on site, or contact us via email. We would be happy to introduce you to models from various manufacturers and explain the various designs and equipment options for double bathtubs to you.

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