The nova neo from Zehnder is a radiator not just for heat pumps

With the Nova Neo radiator, Zehnder has developed a radiator that is as stylish as it is efficient. It meets all modern performance requirements and thanks to its design fits into any environment. It can also be combined with all common low-temperature heating systems.

The Zehnder Nova Neo radiator is a successful combination of design and technology. The Nova Neo can be combined in particular with modern low-temperature heating systems such as heat pumps, solar systems or condensing boilers. But even where there is not enough space for conventional radiators, the compact and powerful Nova Neo can spread cozy warmth.

Zehnder Nova Neo radiators fit elegantly into their surroundings.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Compact and powerful:
    The Nova Neo looks like a simple heating wall, but ensures maximum efficiency and increases the output almost fourfold compared to a conventional radiator.
  • Fast and efficient:
    Even with a hot water flow of only 25 to 40° degrees, the Nova Neo with activated – switchable – integrated fans requires a significantly shorter heating-up phase than conventional radiators or underfloor heating. But even under full load, the fans don’t consume more power than a TV in standby mode. Once the desired room temperature has been reached, a control unit automatically switches the fan off.
  • Slim and elegant:
    The proven design of a typical heating wall allows the Nova Neo to blend into a wide variety of environments, making it ideal for replacing old radiators. Like all Zehnder radiators, the Nova Neo is also available in many brilliant colors and surfaces. The bracket in the form of a wall rail, which makes installation easier, proves to be practical.
  • Comfortable and hygienic:
    Even without the fan switched on, the Nova Neo stands for cozy comfort, because the heated front spreads a pleasant radiant heat. In addition, a filter cleans the air flowing through, reducing dust turbulence in the room and deposits on the fans.

Smaller than conventional radiators

The new Nova Neo impresses with its technology and elegant appearance. It is smaller than conventional radiators and can be supplied in various dimensions. But it can do even more: If a connected heat pump provides cold water, Zehnder Nova Neo can also be used for refreshing cooling on hot days.

Optimum heat dissipation ensures a pleasant indoor climate and saves heating costs at the same time.

The ideal combination for Zehnder Nova Neo is the Zehnder ComfoBox. This compact energy center combines all the necessary building technology for a residential unit – heating, cooling, ventilation and hot water preparation – and together with Zehnder Nova Neo ensures a pleasant and healthy indoor climate.

The right radiator for your heating system!

Short reaction times, high energy efficiency and an attractive design make the Zehnder Nova Neo the ideal radiator for use in connection with modern heating systems. If you are interested in this powerful radiator, please contact us . Our heating experts will be happy to advise you.

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