The new heating: innovations to warm you up

When it comes to the need for warmth, humans have hardly changed in the last two million years. At certain moments we just like to be cozy and warm. However, the fireplaces and heat sources of the 21st century have clearly emancipated themselves from their ancestors. With the latest generation of stoves and radiators, heating is practically reinvented.

The mirror of the bathroom soul

Innovative designers and engineers have freed the radiator from its shadowy existence under the window, upgraded it to an eye-catcher with new shapes and turned it into a comfort artist with technical refinements. Design radiators are the perfect expression of the new feeling of living – in the bathroom as well as in the living area.

Visually and technically perfect, design radiators lend a particularly creative touch to the staging of your personal style of living. With them, every radiator not only embodies a heating object, but also a special idea that is designed for the effect in the room.
Design radiators float flat in front of the wall, draw attention to themselves with real glass fronts, give structure to wall surfaces, combine such different materials as highly polished stainless steel and real wood and always surprise with new shapes. The latest creations even cross the border into sculpture. But probably the most consistent expression of a new living philosophy is the merging of the radiator with a mirror. Because in it one sees not only a wall object that combines aesthetics and functionality. The human being, who is always the focus of the room, is also reflected in its beautiful frame. After all, home is the place on earth where, more than anywhere else, we can feel like royalty.

Exciting innovation: mixed electric and hot water operation

Modern bathroom radiators combine the useful with the beautiful. Clever technology meets fascinating design, especially in the new variants for hot water and electric operation.

The masterpieces among the bathroom radiators are not only stylish designer pieces – they also have a lot to offer functionally. In addition to the connection for the hot water central heating, radiators for mixed operation also have an electric heating cartridge. Especially in cool transitional periods – when the hot water heating system takes a summer break – the bathroom quickly reaches a comfortable temperature and you can look forward to a pre-heated towel. But even on uncomfortable winter days you can preheat early in the morning when the heater in the basement is still in deep sleep. If you want to enter a preheated bath, you can use the practical timer function. Of course, there are also purely electric radiators that do not need to be connected to the central heating system and can be positioned completely flexibly.

Electro genius: In the new, purely electric version, the design radiator Zehnder Fina Bar heats up very quickly and spoils you with a pleasant radiant heat.

Out of passion for hot forms

The designers have found many creative forms for the rise of the radiator to an art installation in the bathroom. The current models reflect the history of a fascinating style development.

The transformation of the radiator began with two header pipes rising to the left and right and horizontal pipes in between – the birth of the towel warmer. From this simple and beautiful basic idea, variants in length, circumference, number and position of the tubes developed. The designers’ imagination created waves, wavy lines and lattice structures. Shelves, hooks, strips: Today, mirrors offer a wide selection to meet individual design and practical application requirements. In newer design generations, the tubes are often arranged asymmetrically. Or they retreat behind noble, puristic surfaces made of anodised aluminum or with a stainless steel look.

Noble design: The IRSAP collection by BEMM, created by Italian designers, concentrates entirely on the essentials. Here STEP E by Citterio.

For the love of visual accents

Of course, a radiator can not only set accents with its shape, but above all as a “complete work of art”, i.e. also through color and light. Some rely on designer radiators, while others prefer classic, timeless shapes. And the latter can be wonderfully staged if they also contain lighting.

The “tubes” are back! No, not tube televisions, but radiators in a classic design are currently experiencing a small renaissance. Even today, many still associate classic white or beige with the element construction method. And just as naturally, the manufacturers combine the timelessly beautiful forms with modern technology. While the simple color scheme dominates in the “classics”, design radiators surprise with a huge spectrum of colours. Shiny silver metallic, olive green, citrus yellow, velvety matt red – there are many ways to add splashes of color with radiators. Models with LED lighting open up completely new possibilities. With white or colored light, they either draw the focus entirely on themselves,

Star radiator: The LED star bar of the BEMM Salsa enchants the room with atmospheric light.

Experience the new generation of heating!

Have you become curious about the diverse innovations in the field of “heating”? Do not hesitate and get in  touch with our local experts ! We look forward to being able to help you and would be happy to advise you.

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