The fastest way to the overhead shower: Raindance Connect

The fastest connection to the large rain shower – Raindance Connect. All without extensive  conversion work: remove the old hand shower and simply screw the Raindance Connect to the wall. With a simple click, the hand shower becomes an overhead shower!

Centrally from above and wonderfully large, the water rains on your head and shoulders. Raindance Connect really fits in every  bathroom  and can be used wherever a hand shower is already installed. Its clear, puristic design makes it an eye-catcher in your bathroom. When do you want to be connected – with showering pleasure XXL?

The combination of the unique Hansgrohe AIR technology and a large spray disc ensures an incomparably different showering experience: like a gentle summer rain, a shower of countless soft, voluminous drops envelops the showerer and gives him an unexpectedly intensive  feel -good experience that can be enjoyed with all senses.

Raindance Connect is the intelligent combination of overhead and hand shower. The combination shower is connected in place of the old hand shower and offers you shower rain from above in no time at all - without complex (more) concealed installation.

Uncomplicated installation

With Raindance Connect, the overhead shower can now be found in every bathroom, without the time-consuming conversion and conversion work that was previously unavoidable when retrofitting. In fact, unlike conventional overhead showers, this shower system, which consists of an overhead and hand shower, can easily be installed wherever there is already a water connection for a hand shower. Whether in the  bath  or in the shower. There is no need to pry walls open for concealed piping, nor do  fittings  with shut-off and diverter valves need to be added.

Thanks to the patented, easy-to-use plug-in system of head shower and hand shower with integrated coupling, the Raindance Connect does not need a diverter or double hose routing.

From the hand shower to the overhead shower and back…

Raindance Connect is not a shower like any other: the hand shower that is still working can be clicked into the water-carrying shower rail from below with a simple movement of the hand, so that it automatically supplies the overhead shower with water. In this way, the hand shower quickly and easily becomes a head shower and vice versa in no time at all.

With Raindance shower systems, you can enjoy XXL showering pleasure in the shower and bath. Just a few simple steps and the new fitting replaces the old one.

The shower to go…

Another plus: The reduced shape of the Raindance Connect makes it possible to install it in the joints between the tiles: This means you can bring the refreshing feel-good effect of an overhead shower into the bathroom even in rented apartments and simply take the comfortable shower with you when you move. The old hand shower can then be reinstalled without any effort and without any damage to the tiles.

Get a comfortable overhead shower in your bathroom!

Do you fancy a refreshing shower experience that you can have at home whenever you want? Then get in  touch with our bathroom planners today . Our bathroom experts will be happy to help you.

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