The E-Check: Security for your electrical systems

Electrical systems and devices should be checked regularly by a specialist for safety and functionality. This not only protects against unpleasant surprises such as power failures and excessive electricity bills, but also helps to avoid damage and hazards.

The German electrical trade offers the E-CHECK for a check. It is the recognized seal of approval from specialist electrical companies for electrical systems and devices. E-CHECK focuses on safety, comfort and energy saving. The electrician carries out the check and documents that there are no safety defects in the electrical systems and connected devices at the time of the check and any repairs that have been carried out. He also ensures that legal regulations and inspection deadlines are observed. In addition, he makes suggestions for improvement, which can reduce your power consumption. At the end of the inspection, a test sticker is attached to your control box in a clearly visible manner.

The E-CHECK is the recognized seal of approval from specialist electrical companies for electrical systems and devices.

Guaranteed security

The e-check is required by law for entrepreneurs. It not only protects employees from hazards, but also minimizes the risk of equipment failures, high repair costs and consequential damage due to lack of maintenance. But what many people don’t know is that apartments and privately used buildings have not been excluded from the obligation to inspect electrical systems for years. Here, too, safety deficiencies can cause major damage. Frequently occurring damage caused by untested systems and devices are:

  • fires
  • surges
  • electric shocks.

The E-CHECK badge, which is only awarded by specialist companies, guarantees that the electrical installation and the electrical devices correspond to the required level of safety technology. This service should be used by apartment owners, homeowners, landlords and tradespeople, as the test report provides legal protection in the event of damage to the greatest possible extent. We will be happy to provide you with further information on request at any time.

Power saving potential through energy consulting

But there is more to the E-Check. It also includes advice on all aspects of energy saving through electrical devices and systems. After all, the latest generation of electrical appliances consume up to 50% less electricity than decades-old appliances. The acquisition costs are therefore amortized fairly quickly. As part of the E-CHECK energy consultation, the specialist will show you potential savings and develop individual suggestions for improvement. This not only applies to devices, but also to the entire electrical installation.

In short: The E-CHECK offers protection and saves money and is therefore definitely the right investment.

Go safe!

You too can rely on safe and trouble-free operation of your electrical systems. Contact  us  . We will be happy to advise you and organize the inspection of your systems.

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