The Balance Modules from Dornbracht - more than just showers

Gone are the days when the water from the shower rained down steadily on you. With the Balance Modules showers from Dornbracht, showering can be experienced in a completely different way: as a refreshing pleasure in the rain or under the waterfall.

All you have to do is decide how to make showering your daily  relaxation experience  . Dornbracht offers its own models for each of the two types. The basis for the rain is formed by the simple rain shower in a round or square version, which produces large, sparkling drops for showering. However, as a higher-quality, square Big Rain shower head, the water can also be bundled. Both can be integrated into your existing shower.

Dornbracht rain showers impress with their simple design and excellent quality.

Rain to choose from

The large Rain Sky M shower panel gives you a choice of three types of rain: you can shower like you’re showering or behind a rain curtain, leave everyday life behind and relax. Or both at the same time! The water can also hit your head and neck gently as an overhead shower. In the Rain Sky E variant, the shower panel is also available with additional fog, light and scent effects. The fully electronic control takes care of this for you while you shower.

There are matching side jets as well as classic, simple shower fittings to choose from for all variants.

The waterfall in the shower

The dousing shower conveys a completely different feeling. Here the water hits the body as a wide jet. Whether as gentle as a trickle or as powerful as a waterfall. You determine the intensity yourself.

With WATER FALL, the water falls naturally over the edge of the spout, which is open at the top. As gentle as a trickle or as powerful as a waterfall: the amount of water can be freely regulated.

Stylish Kneipp therapy – in your own bathroom

Last but not least, you can also opt for the Kneipp Water Tube, which you can use to refresh yourself at any time.

Traditional in function - modern in form and minimalist; Dornbracht's Water Tubes Kneipp hose.

It has a wide range of applications – from a full cast over the entire body to a partial cast over the feet and knees or even down to the groin. The principle is simple and always the same. Only hold the cold water on the parts of the body for as long as it feels pleasantly tingling.

Experience refreshing shower variants in your bathroom

Do you fancy a refreshing shower experience that you can have at home whenever you want? Get in touch with our bathroom planners today    – and soon experience water from its most beautiful and natural side.

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