StoLotusan: The facade paint with the lotus effect

Taking nature as a role model: For a number of years, Lotusan has been a facade paint with a self-cleaning function – like a lotus leaf. The secret is the surface structure: dirt does not “stick” to the surface and rain simply washes away the particles. In the meantime, the lotus effect can also be found in exterior plaster. A computer simulation shows the working principle.

Here’s how it works

Water droplets and dirt particles only lie on the microscopically rough lotus surface, they practically do not stick. Water cannot wet the moisture-repellent surface and rolls over it as drops. The drop pulls the loosely lying dirt with it.

This process is identical on facade surfaces coated with Lotusan. Dirt particles picked up by the water drop are completely removed from the surface. Like the lotus leaf, the rain takes over the cleaning of the Lotusan facade and removes the dirt again and again – quite simply with the forces of nature!

Microorganisms therefore find significantly less breeding ground and moisture and find it very difficult to spread. The facade paint and the plaster do not contain any biocide additives and are therefore particularly environmentally friendly.

The computer simulation shows how Sto's Lotusan plaster works.

Façade plaster with lotus effect

With StoLotusan, there is now a plaster with the lotus effect for the first time. Its properties ensure that rainwater that runs off the facade simply washes away most of the dirt particles, algae and fungal spores, even without an additional coat of paint. At the same time, its high water vapor permeability promotes the preservation of a dry and durable facade.

The Lotusan plaster is available in three grain sizes as a scratch or as an individually structurable modeling plaster in white and numerous matt colors.

Protect your facade with the lotus effect

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