Space-saving shower with folding door: tips & examples

A shower cubicle with a folding door is a clever and space-saving alternative to the classic shower door. With this innovative room solution, you can enjoy the luxury of a completely enclosed shower without having to sacrifice a lot of space. The folding door shower consists of several panels that can be folded into one another to save space. When the shower is not in use, it does not take up valuable space in the bathroom.

Haven’t found the right folding door for your shower or bath yet? Let us inspire and inform you! We present various examples that show how you can use the shower and bathtub more comfortably with a folding door.

Cleverly equip the shower and bathtub with a folding door

Are you looking for a convenient way to separate your shower cubicle from the bathroom? Do you want a completely closed door that will stop the splashing water in the shower? The shower door should take up as little space as possible?

Then a shower with a folding door is the right solution for your needs. Collapsible shower doors can be perfectly combined with side walls or niches and can simply be folded away when not in use. Space can be saved effectively, especially in small bathrooms.

Folding doors are space-saving talents and open up shower possibilities where you would never expect them

What is special about folding shower doors is their flexibility . This is especially true when it comes to folding doors. The way it works can best be compared to that of a hand-drawn instrument such as the accordion. When entering and later leaving the shower area, the usually two to three-part shower door can be folded up compactly . In this form, it hardly takes up any space and can often even be folded against the wall . As a user, you decide how wide the entry should be.

These four sketches illustrate how single-part and multi-part folding doors work

Another important point concerns the area that the door occupies when in use. In contrast to a door with a rotating mechanism, the folding door takes up less space . Instead of a larger door leaf, which describes a quarter circle when opened, the foldable door elements are pushed together. Depending on how large the components of the folding door are, they protrude far less into the room or shower area than revolving or swinging doors

Would you like to learn more about the advantages of foldable shower doors? In the article linked below you can read when folding doors and folding doors are worthwhile as entry-level solutions for the shower cubicle!

Shower cubicle with folding door: 5 inspiring examples of the smart space miracle

Whether you want to combine the folding shower door with a side panel or you need a folding door for a shower in a niche, the number of products and variations of folding doors is incredible. Finding the perfect shower door among the thousands of variants is no easy task. Sometimes relevant information is missing, for example on the dimensions, which are decisive for the selection. The scenarios described below should help you to find out whether a folding door could be a suitable solution for your shower situation.

Good to know: Folding doors have the advantage that they can be moved towards and away from the user (both individually and when folded). This opens up greater scope for action. In this way, for example, the folding door can drip off in the shower and then be opened towards the bathroom for easier cleaning.

The folding door shower models listed here come from the well-known German manufacturer HSK, which offers the right concepts for every shower situation.

Combined folding door with side wall for a shower: The K2 and Exklusiv models show how a shower area with a folding door and adjoining side wall can look in a timeless design

1. Convenient corner entry

For technical and space reasons, many showers often occupy a corner of the bathroom. It is then not uncommon for other sanitary objects or equipment elements to be located on both sides. Or a window with a radiator underneath or a door. The result: The shower is crowded by the rest of the facility and is not freely accessible. However, if the corner of the shower pointing into the room is provided with doors, users can enter again without difficulty.

Corner-entry shower door: Corner-entry shower cubicles are advantageous in small bathrooms and for people with limited mobility because they open to the side

A folding door can enrich the shower and bathroom with the way it works, because there is no quadrant in front of and in the shower area, which is typical for revolving doors. This saves valuable space and allows other products to be positioned on either side of the shower area – without large gaps. Furthermore, in the case of cabins designed at floor level, part of the area can serve as a walking surface if the folding doors are folded towards the walls.

2. Folding door(s) for shower with oblong cut

If the shower cubicle has an elongated floor plan, entry does not have to be at a corner. The longer side can be fitted with a multi-part folding door. This also creates wide access without the door getting in the way of the user. Folding doors are ideal for the elderly and people with restricted mobility because they open to the side.

Corner shower folding door glass: If you prefer glass instead of plastic for the shower folding doors, you can look forward to a robust material that conjures up a valuable overall picture. This is proven by the HSK Favorit folding door and the Exclusive in the picture.

3. Solutions for niche shower

A niche in the bathroom, if it is of an appropriate size, can turn into a shower area. The surrounding walls create a sense of protection. With the help of well-placed light sources such as spotlights and light strips (e.g. under a bench), a comfortable retreat is quickly created. The shower in the niche can be elegantly closed off with a folding door. If you want more privacy, you can choose a design with a satin finish or another decor for the toughened safety glass (ESG) that provides privacy.

Folding-pivot shower niche: Foldable doors with a rotating mechanism are a good solution for niche showers – in this picture you can see the HSK Exclusive and K2P series (from left to right)

4. Foldable shower door for walk-in concepts

Do you like the modern chic that walk-in showers exude? Do you feel that the shower is not complete without a door? Then why not equip your new walk-in shower area with a folding door. With this door variant, you can secure yourself freedom of movement and you can give the shower more space. This extra surface gives you extra comfort when showering and at the same time means more safety.

Glass folding shower door: With a folding door, you can expand the half-open access area of ​​a walk-in shower. For those who don’t like the open design when showering, the ground-level area can be closed off completely with foldable doors.

5. Foldable shower enclosure for the tub

As in the reference (bathroom in natural tones) from our bathroom builder, a foldable attachment can turn the tub into a shower. This is a tried and tested solution, especially in bathrooms where there is only room for one of the two and the question of a bathtub or shower cubicle inevitably arises. If the bathtub attachment is foldable and equipped with a handle, the handling corresponds to that of a folding door for the shower. Folded compactly and pushed against the wall, the shower partition for the bathtubs skilfully fades into the background.

If you don’t take a shower, the foldable shower partition pulls back and is neither visually nor physically in the way

Discover folding door shower cubicles live

A folding door shower combines subtle beauty with comfort and functionality. If you are still looking for the right shower solution for your bathroom, we recommend visiting our bathroom showroom in Munich. Here you can not only discover more foldable shower doors, but also get professional advice from our bathroom professionals. Our experienced experts take the time to talk to you about your wishes and ideas and will be happy to help you find your dream shower.

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