River pebbles in the shower and bath: a treat for the eyes and feet

The sound of the sea in your ears and a bed of pebbles under your feet – a feeling that you wish for at least every now and then in everyday life. Design your shower and bathroom with river pebbles and you can bring that wonderful holiday feeling home! A gentle massage of the soles of your feet not only relaxes you physically, but also mentally!

Here we inform you about the advantages and different variants of this natural floor covering and show you examples of how you can upgrade the shower and bathroom with river pebbles.

How river pebble tiles in the bathroom promote health
Natural stone is a beautiful material that not only brings nature into the bathroom visually. Natural stone tiles (if they are not cut on both sides) are also a great haptic experience for both feet and hands! River pebbles are a small specialty in this product area. In contrast to large-format tiles, the small mineral stones are more robust and break less quickly. Its round, smooth surface also allows for an optimal massage of the skin .

If you choose river pebbles cut from the bottom, you can look forward to a gentle pressure massage of the soles of your feet while you shower. Almost like wading through a stream with bare feet. A floor covered with river pebbles can above all relax tired, cramped feet and fill them with life. Due to its small size, the joint proportion when laying is high, which makes it non- slip .

River pebble mosaic on mesh mats: Their wavy outer edges (interlocking) allow a seamless transition between the individual mats.

Naturally beautiful: Upgrade the shower and bathroom with river pebbles
Starting from the name, we associate river pebbles with water. Accordingly, they are downright predestined for wet areas and ideal for transforming the bathroom into a natural retreat for well-being and relaxation. Combine the pebble look with a rain shower , experience a feeling as if you were showering under a waterfall in the great outdoors. With so much naturalness, it is immediately easier to mentally put yourself in a different place and recharge your batteries for the day.

Complete your natural bathroom design with natural stone tiles and river pebbles

The natural floor covering harmonises perfectly with different bathroom styles and suits bathrooms with a natural, rustic look as well as modern bathrooms. Because river pebbles for the shower and bath come in a variety of colors, they can be visually coordinated with the rest of the bathroom. Whether black, white, brown or turquoise – the variety of colors is enormous and can be wonderfully mixed with each other. Together with large-format tiles, river pebbles can contribute perfectly to bathroom design and give the bathroom a warm, natural look.

River pebbles in the shower and bathroom ensure a special tactile experience: Not only the shower area can be covered with river pebbles, but also the rest of the bathroom floor! The exciting pattern is wonderfully kept in check in this bathroom by the large-format, cream-colored wall tiles.

Tip : If you want to cover the floor of your shower with river pebbles, you should ensure optimal water drainage . Due to the curvature of the pebbles, the water drains off less quickly than with smooth tiles. A sufficient incline of the floor towards the drain is therefore essential.

A slight incline in the shower floor helps the water drain faster.

Examples of river pebbles in the shower and bath
When designing the bathroom with river pebbles, you can let your imagination run wild. You can design entire walls as well as individual wall sections, or work with a border of river pebbles. The same applies to the floor: Lay the natural stone mosaic in the entire bathroom, in individual areas (such as the washbasin, bathtub, toilet or shower) or as individual mosaic strips. For example, you can lay river pebbles around a freestanding bathtub to create a comfort zone with natural charm and to visually accentuate the tub.

There are many ways to upgrade the bathroom and shower with river pebbles. Be inspired by the following pictures!

Black River Pebble Shower: Black and white make a wonderful contrast. This shower with black pebbles on the floor and a wide stripe on the back wall looks elegant with a natural touch.

The light-dark contrast can be created by tiles and river pebbles, but it can also take place between the pebbles.

River pebble mosaic shower: Let the boundaries between floor and walls, between shower area and tread in the bathroom become blurred and use the variability of river pebbles!

River Pebble Shower: Why always cover the floor with the pebbles when you can add a unique accent with a fully clad wall?

What types of river pebbles are there for showers and bathrooms?
Pebbles can consist of different rocks such as quartzite, sandstone, basalt, marble or granite. An outstanding feature of the river pebble is its round shape, which is caused by the constant friction in the water. For use as a tile replacement, the pebbles are partially reworked and more rounded. When choosing the right river pebbles, you can choose between cut (smooth surfaces above and below) and stones cut on the underside .

Since the stones are smooth on both sides in the cut version, the river pebble slabs have a uniform height. If you are uncomfortable with the shape (bulges) of normal river pebbles, these flat stones offer a perfect alternative. If you like it authentic, you can rely on the natural curves of the pebbles. Since the stones are natural products, they will wear down over time and become more rounded.

That’s why you should rely on elastic river pebble mats
Regardless of whether you want to use river pebbles for the entire bathroom or just for the shower, we recommend that you use elastic river pebble mats. The stones do not have to be laid individually, but can be laid as a large tile. The natural stones are glued to elastic nets. The elasticity allows an optimal adaptation to adjacent mats and the subsoil. You can variably pull the pebbles apart and lay them at a larger or smaller distance from each other.

More ideas for your shower
River pebbles in the shower create a natural spa feeling in the bathroom. The natural floor covering not only offers a tactile experience for the feet, but also leaves a lasting visual impression.

In addition to river pebbles, there are of course many other ways to spice up the shower and bathroom. Haven’t you found the right design for your shower or are you missing accessories? On our website you will find a perfect source of inspiration in the references and in our guide! Here we present various bathroom projects and individual products. Of course, we are also happy to help you personally if you have any problems or questions about the bathroom. Just write us an email.

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