Renovate with Renovetro: A new shower in no time without tiles

Even with a partial renovation, many bathrooms can be embellished in the long term. For example, with the Renovetro wall cladding panels from HSK, a comfortable new shower can be created in your  bathroom within a day . The timelessly elegant result is impressive.

If you want to quickly and cleanly renovate the shower or bath area in your bathroom, then the Renovetro wall cladding system is just right for you. Because formerly untiled walls or old tiled surfaces disappear behind the shiny acrylic panels from Renovetro. You can have your bathroom polished to a high gloss with little effort.

The light-resistant acrylic panels have a glass-like look with a depth effect. Thanks to the excellent surface properties, limescale, dirt and soap residues find little contact surface on the non-porous panels. A soft cloth, warm water and a few drops of standard washing-up liquid are sufficient for cleaning.

The high-gloss, water-repellent surface is an ideal solution for all wet areas, such as the shower here.

The advantages of Renovetro panels:

  • Elegant look even with partial renovation
  • Easy-care surface
  • Hygienically seamless
  • Simple processing and quick assembly

The panels are very easy to process. They can be processed with conventional tools and can thus be adapted to the structural conditions. They are seamlessly connected with aluminum profiles in aluminum silver matt or chrome look. There are six colors to choose from for the plates: white, black, titanium grey, mocha brown, glacier green and red. This allows you to bring a decorative highlight into your bathroom.

In the mocha-brown color variant, the Renovetro panels look particularly elegant.

A new shower in a day

With the wall cladding panels from Renovetro, old shower and tub areas in a bathroom can be quickly and easily polished to a high gloss. If you want your bathroom to look elegant after the renovation, but you want it to be done quickly, then you should choose Renovetro. Contact  us  . We will advise you on all matters relating to Renovetro.

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