Radiators for the guest toilet: How to ensure comfortable temperatures

There is little space in the guest toilet. It is often difficult to accommodate the toilet and washbasin. But a radiator that provides warmth should not be missing either. So what to do? The solution: Rely on small, compact heaters or those with an individual shape that can be easily integrated into the room. We show how designer radiators can stylishly enrich guest toilets and guest bathrooms and ensure cozy temperatures!

How to heat the guest toilet?

There are basically two ways of using a radiator to ensure pleasant temperatures in the guest toilet. On the one hand with a heater that is coupled to the warm water central heating . It is therefore operated with heating oil, gas or otherwise. Or you can use an electrically operated model that connects to the electrical circuit and produces energy, i.e. heat. The heating body can be fixed in front of the wall in the classic way or stuck in the floor or in the walls as surface heating.

Small heater for guest toilet: Space is scarce in rooms like the guest toilet. It means using the available space wisely and selecting small radiators for the guest toilet or bathroom!

In contrast to the classic water-based counterparts, electric underfloor heating can be laid quickly. They have a lower construction height, which has great advantages. However, they are not able to heat a room. Rather, they warm the floor so that you can walk on it with bare feet without freezing. An electric wall heater , on the other hand, with the right size for the room, provides noticeable heat in the guest toilet and keeps it at the desired temperature.

Alternatively, an electric heater can bring the guest toilet or bathroom to the desired temperature thanks to the integrated heating rod. It can be retrofitted easily and without interfering with the heating system, only a socket has to be nearby.

If you do not want to do without a radiator in the guest toilet, you have the following options:

  • Install radiators (subsequently) and connect to the central heating
  • Install electrical heating (subsequently) – a new socket may have to be installed
  • Install surface heating in the floor / wall (invasive intervention)

Upgrade the guest toilet with designer radiators

The trade has already recognized that furnishing guest toilets is an important issue for consumers. The products that you choose should not only fulfill their intended purpose , but also contribute to an aesthetic design. Whether it’s a faucet, toilet or tile: the look plays an essential role. So it’s not surprising that there are countless options when it comes to heating .

Design radiator guest toilet: In these bathrooms of our partners, the customers have opted for trendy bathroom radiators in white. You can also set great accents with the heater in the guest toilet!

Nice radiators galore

With our various manufacturers, customers can choose from a wide variety of radiator series, for example. In addition to functionality , design plays an essential role in all of them . The range includes towel warmers , which are also available with cylindrical tubes and wider fins, and panel radiators , which tend to come up with a continuous surface. The latter offer either beautifully shaped recesses or can be optionally equipped with towel holders that allow textiles to be hung over to preheat and dry.

Small guest toilet radiator: See how easily small radiators can enrich guest toilets and the like in a visually appealing way! The models can be narrow and high or more compact.

Regardless of whether the radiator is operated electrically or via the central heating system as standard, it must fit into the room. As far as the choice of color is concerned, you can influence whether the radiator stands out and serves as an accent or subtly withdraws because it is kept in the same tone as the wall color on the back. The same applies to the shape , which can be individually adapted to the circumstances depending on the model.

Our tip : With the individual design manufacturers, customers can choose from attractive standard colors and modern tones from the special color range for the radiator . In addition, many other colors from the RAL color chart can often be produced on request.

Depending on the series, the heating struts are tubular or lamellar in design radiators

Good to know : When it comes to retrofitting , it is easier with an electric heater for the guest toilet or guest bathroom. It only has to be attached to the wall and needs a socket nearby, which can usually be installed later without much effort. Intervention in the heating network is not necessary!

Panel radiators for guest toilets and other living spaces no longer leave any design wishes unfulfilled.

Determine heating capacity before purchasing

Before the radiator can move into the guest toilet, it must first be determined how it is to be operated. If you want flexible heating and don’t want pure electric heating, you can choose a model with mixed operation. As the name suggests, two operating modes are linked here – standard and electric mode . Furthermore, the necessary heating output should be determined so that the heating later manages to bring the room to the desired temperature values. This can be done with a simple formula:

  • Room area (m²) x heating output* (W/m²)= required heating output (W)

*= The heating output depends on the desired temperature for the room and the year of construction of the building in which you live. Corresponding values ​​can be found in the following table:

Desired room temperature
18°C 20°C 24°C
Year of construction (building) until 1982 111.6W/m² 121.6W/m² 141.7W/m²
1983 – 1994 90.9W/m² 99.2W/m² 115.9W/m²
from 1995 73.9W/m² 80.8W/m² 94.5W/m²

For example , a 5m2 guest toilet in a late 1980s building that needs to be heated to 20 degrees would require a radiator with around 496 watts of heat output.

Flat radiators in guest toilets nestle flat against the wall and can cause a stir with a mirrored front or a self-selected photo motif on glass

The size of the radiator increases with the number of heating outputs . Conversely, this means that the smaller models are not able to heat the room above a certain area. However, the values ​​given in the heating table and the rule of thumb only serve to roughly determine the heating output . For an exact calculation, you should contact an energy consultant who has special measuring instruments at hand and records several measurement data.

Examples from real bathrooms

Take a look around in our guide area and discover the references of our pool builders. Both the different articles and the projects will give you ideas to decorate your powder room . Although the floor plan of the examples does not reflect the situation in your guest toilet, you can still see the possibilities for cleverly integrating the radiator.

Mini radiators in guest toilets: radiators – whether under the window, next to the washbasin or behind the door – with particularly small dimensions are available in various shapes. We would be happy to work with you to find the right solution for your guest toilet.

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