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Is there a better feeling than wrapping yourself in a warm, fluffy towel after a bath or shower? Heated towel rails, once considered a luxury item, are now commonplace in many bathrooms. In addition to the classic variant, in which the rung radiator is connected to the central heating system, a bathroom radiator can be operated electrically and supply the room with heat.

An electric towel radiator is a wonderful addition to the existing heating system. But an electric radiator can also heat the bathroom, guest toilet and other rooms on its own. Find out from us how an electric towel radiator works and what advantages it offers you.

Electric heating in the bathroom: For the ideal feel-good temperature at any time of the year

Regardless of whether it is an invigorating shower in the morning, a leisurely bubble bath with essential oils or just a regular beauty routine, you can enjoy small wellness breaks in the bathroom every day. In order for the bathroom to be a feel-good zone, not only the right furnishings are important. The room temperature has a major effect on personal well-being . After a relaxing shower, who wants to step out in the cold? The wellness effect would be lost again immediately!

The comfortable temperature in the bathroom is usually higher than in other rooms. While 20 degrees Celsius is often sufficient in living rooms, it can also be 24 degrees and more in the bathroom . The temperature does not have to be maintained all day, but should be reached as quickly as possible if necessary. In the transitional months and in winter we constantly turn to the heater so as not to freeze in the bathroom. But in spring and early autumn, when the central heating is still switched off or throttled, users have trouble warming up the bathroom comfortably. An electric towel radiator can be a clever remedy.

Electrically small bathroom radiators: As with the classic bathroom radiators operated via a heating system, small formats are also available for the electrical counterparts. There is space for a small, electrically operated bathroom radiator in every bathroom. It can contribute to a comfortable climate, serve as a towel holder and dry bathroom textiles. However, you should consider: The smaller the bathroom radiator, the lower the performance.

Electric radiators in the bathroom: Uncomplicated and flexible

An electric towel rail (also known as a towel radiator, towel dryer or heated towel rail) provides heat to the room quickly and efficiently without resorting to the existing heating system. It is connected to the electricity grid and is therefore independent of the central heating system. That means you can use it even when the central heating is switched off and you don’t have to worry about connecting pipes. And this is how an electric radiator brings the bathroom and guest toilet to a comfortable temperature:

How does an electric towel radiator work?1. Water circulates in the bathroom radiator with electric operation as in the classic heating system. A specially added thermal fluid (water + glycol) increases the heat storage volume, which helps to keep the temperature longer.

2. If the electric bathroom radiator is switched on, the integrated heating element heats up.

3. This heats the liquid mixture up to the desired temperature.

4. The hot water flows through the radiator and heats it up evenly.

5. Thermal energy (heat) is released into the room by the bathroom radiator.

Electric bathroom radiators in anthracite: No more clinical white! Anthracite has become a trend color in living room design. It looks warm and cozy, in contrast to the cool look of chrome and stainless steel. So why not choose a designer towel radiator in this tone?

The wattage provides information about the heat output and the models become larger as the performance increases. Accordingly, a large towel radiator creates more and, depending on the room conditions, is more able to heat up the entire bathroom without any problems. The power varies, so you can usually choose between 300, 600 and 900 watts for the heating element . In order to find the right immersion heater or bathroom radiator, you should include the size of the room. Unless you only want to use it as a towel warmer.

Our tip : Before you look around for a suitable electric towel radiator, you should calculate the necessary heat load . You can find out how this works in this article: Towel radiators as the sole heat source in the bathroom?

Electric towel radiator: Heat supplier with an elegant design

Manufacturers like HSK offer customers a wide range of radiators that are ideal for use in the bathroom. Bars and panel or plan radiators with an uninterrupted surface are also part of the range, as are those with flat fins instead of round heating pipes. In terms of design, electric bathroom radiators are in no way inferior to their relatives with standard operation. Due to the growing aesthetic demands, electric towel warmers have developed over time into an elegant design element that actively contributes to a coherent overall picture.

Operate designer bathroom radiators electrically or with your central heating? If you want to keep your options open, a bathroom radiator with mixed operation is worthwhile. Among others, the models Atelier Highline, Yenga and Line from HSK are suitable for this.

With electric towel rails, manufacturers play with the number, length and position of the tubes to create unique designer radiators. If you want to set stylish accents, you can use heating pipes with unconventional wave shapes or asymmetrically arranged pipes . Chrome-plated bathroom radiators are also suitable as attractive eye -catchers , as they harmonize with the surfaces of other furnishings (such as the fittings in the washbasin or the shower head) in the bathroom and thus create a uniform overall picture. In addition, electric radiators can be upgraded with clever extras such as backlighting, hooks or shelves.

Thanks to different designs , shapes , sizes and colors , everyone will find the right model for their own four walls. In this way, the bathroom and user can benefit twice over from electric heating.

tip :

If you opt for a chrome-plated towel radiator, you should consider that they have a lower heat output than white towel dryers. In addition, white radiators are easier to care for because metallic surfaces get dirty faster and are more difficult to clean.

An electric bathroom radiator has these advantages

Electric heating makes sense not only for the bathroom, but also for less used rooms such as holiday accommodation and weekend houses. Basically, their advantages come to the fore where temporary heating is required. Instead of starting up the heating system, which runs on the back burner for a few months a year, plug in the electrical alternative and it will be cozy and warm: at any time, without any fuss and reliably.

Electric bathroom radiator with timer: Thanks to the HSK heating element 4, you can control the bathroom radiator electrically with a thermostat (remote control) and use the integrated timer function with daily and weekly programs.

An electric towel radiator not only keeps the bathroom warm and cozy but also helps to keep it dry . Bathrooms tend to be wetter than other parts of the house. If the humidity rises above 60% , the risk of mold growth also increases , which in turn causes damage to wallpaper and furniture and can even be dangerous for your health. An electric towel rail can help reduce humidity and thus prevent mold growth.

Operate bathroom radiators electrically: the advantages at a glance

Independent heating An electrically operated bathroom radiator provides heat independently of the central heating and the heating period .
Easy construction All you need for attachment is a suitable section of wall in which holes can be drilled for attachment. An invasive procedure (opening the wall, laying connections, etc.) is not necessary.
Flexible choice of seating If the bathroom radiator is operated purely electrically, you can largely choose the installation location freely , since you do not have to connect the bathroom radiator to the heating system. All you need is a socket within reach for the cable .
Efficient In contrast to central heating systems, there is no heat loss because the heat is produced directly in the bathroom and is not transported over long distances.
Easy to handle The control works like other radiators. Depending on the heating rod, there are convenient additional functions – with HSK these are e.g. B. Timer (time switch), LED display, memory function and remote control.
Fast reaction Due to the electric operation, the bathroom radiators react promptly and provide heat: plug in, set the desired temperature and the radiator is ready for use .
Easily retrofittable Subsequent installation of an electric heater is unproblematic and possible at any time .
Environmentally friendly If the electricity is partly or completely generated from renewable energies , you can heat with the electric body in an environmentally friendly way.

At the same time, the electric bathroom radiator is ideal for small rooms , which often applies to bathrooms in rented houses. In a small bathroom, a heated towel rail that runs electrically can even be used as the primary heat source. Its practical properties prove to be particularly advantageous when it is not possible to connect to the existing heating circuit. If the user wants an (additional) bathroom radiator or if retrofitting a central heating model involves a lot of effort, an electric radiator is ideal.

Find the right electric towel radiator for your bathroom

While it may be less exciting than choosing tiles, colors and the perfect bathtub, heating plays an essential role in your bathroom. An electric towel radiator brings more luxury , style and comfort to your bathroom. Not only do you get a space-saving place to hang, dry and warm your towels, you can add a boost of warmth to your bathroom at any time with just one click.

An elegant towel holder that can be heated electrically is not only functional, but also visually enriches the bathroom. Are you unsure which heated towel rail is best suited to your needs? We would be happy to help you find the radiator that suits your bathroom both in terms of performance and design. The best thing to do is to visit our bathroom exhibition in Munich to talk to an expert about the topic on the spot.

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