Nice light in the bathroom

There are numerous ways to create pleasant lighting in the bathroom. An important criterion for choosing bathroom lighting is the size of the bathroom.

Kiteo lights: bathroom light with a positive effect

A light source is not the same as a light source. Luminaires for living spaces are increasingly imitating natural sunlight, which can increase people’s well-being. Kiteo, a well-known manufacturer of lighting solutions, also puts your bathroom in the right light.

LED light

Highlights - Tailor-made lighting concepts for every bathroom

It is the epitome of bathroom romance: the candlelit bath. But sometimes you need a little more light for body care and the like.

Rely on highlights

This is how light works in the bathroom

Should a room appear brighter or should the focus be on comfort, should the structure of the plaster be visible on the wall or should the floor tile stand out more? Lamps determine the room impression significantly.

Bathroom light staging

Light in the bathroom: enlightening craftsmanship

With light you can not only create atmosphere in the bathroom, but also provide extraordinary, inspiring and invigorating experiences. Light show in the shower, blue shimmer in the bathtub, shadow play on the designer radiator. The implementation requires professionals who understand wiring and control as much as they do lighting design and technologies.

Conspicuous craftsmanship