Innovative moisture storage plaster absorbs water vapour

Water vapor from cooking, showering or drying laundry can condense on cool areas of house walls. There it becomes a breeding ground for fungi and microbes. The newly developed, mineral-based StoCalce Functio regulating plaster system can demonstrably improve the room climate in old and new buildings. 

The mineral plaster system was developed jointly by Sto Aktiengesellschaft and the Federal Materials Testing and Research Institute. With its moisture-regulating function, it was able to absorb 90 grams of water vapor per square meter in the test, outperforming even the best clay plaster by 30%. The StoCalce Functio regulating plaster system thus demonstrates significantly better moisture-regulating properties.

The StoCalce Functio regulating plaster system is easy to work with and free of preservatives and heavy metals.

Goodbye condensation

Since the special StoCalce Functio regulating plaster system absorbs the humidity, stores it temporarily and then releases it back into the ambient air quickly when airing, it ensures a healthy indoor climate. In this way, the residents and also all furnishings are less stressed. In addition, a more stable room climate reduces energy consumption and heating costs because the drier air can be brought to a comfortable room temperature more quickly. The desired storage effect is already achieved with a plaster thickness of 1 to 2 centimeters and the risk of condensation on thermal bridges or cool wall sections is significantly reduced.

With the StoCalce Functio line, we are taking moisture management to a new level – and are placing a pioneering natural building material on the market.

The basic plaster does it

The mineral base coat StoLevell Calce RP is based on a hydraulic binder and hydrated lime. Due to its composition, it surpasses all previously measured frontrunners with its maximum moisture absorption and is therefore considered the best base plaster for interior areas.

The test results clearly show how the moisture storage plaster stands out from the other tested products.

The StoCalce Functio range – unbeatable together

In combination, the interior plaster system, consisting of a regulating base coat, a functional filler and two top coats, absorbs twice as much moisture as standard lime products. In addition, the ecological material is water and abrasion resistant. The product range also includes lime and silicate paints as well as leveling and finishing plasters, which are also mineral-based. It is particularly important that all products are specially coordinated to ensure unrestricted functionality. Depending on the material, top layers that are not tailored to the properties of the base plaster can severely impair its sorption capacity, i.e. the absorption and release of moisture.

Stay dry, warm and comfortable for a long time!

Would you like to improve your room climate with simple measures or prevent problems with condensing moisture? Then get in touch with us . Our housing experts will be happy to advise you!

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