Hot and cold - steam showers for everyone

The steam bath and sauna are definitely relaxing. Regular sweating in combination with cold showers also has a positive effect on the circulatory system and the immune system, prevents colds and also improves the complexion.

While in the Finnish sauna you sweat at a dry heat of between 80 and 100 degrees Celsius, the maximum temperature in the steam bath is only 50 degrees Celsius. However, as the name suggests, the humidity in the steam bath is significantly higher and can be almost 100 percent.

Sensible prevention

Sauna and steam bath have a similar effect on the organism: the body temperature rises by one to two degrees Celsius in the heat, but the body avoids overheating by the heart pumping a lot of blood into the dilated vessels close to the skin. As a result, the skin begins to sweat in order to generate evaporative cooling. The cold pour that follows reverses the reaction: the vessels contract, the blood flows back into the body to keep the heat there. The interaction strengthens the circulation and thus reduces the susceptibility to colds. In addition, the skin benefits from the strong blood circulation. A pleasant side effect: when the body reacts to stress from hot to cold, it feels a little euphoric. However, going to the sauna or steam bath is not recommended during an infection or an acute inflammation. After recovery, nothing stands in the way of hot fun.

Everything under control: the personal combination of lighting, music and steam is selected with a light touch of the ultra-slim F-digital deluxe control unit from GROHE before entering the shower area.

Two in one – the steam shower

The steam bath has been valued since ancient times, so the ancient Romans and Greeks already knew about the healthy and beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system. Due to the lower temperatures than in the classic sauna, many people find the steam bath more pleasant, and the high humidity also promotes the pleasantly warm experience. If you want to enjoy the benefits of a steam bath in your own bathroom, you can easily convert your shower into a steam shower. In principle, every shower can be converted into a steam shower. So that the steam does not escape and the desired temperature is maintained, your bad & heizung specialist installs a tailor-made roof solution for the shower cubicle. For the perfect wellness feeling at home, individually controllable light sources and loudspeakers can be integrated into the roof, so that a relaxing atmosphere arises almost by itself. The technical units for steam generation disappear invisibly under the comfortable bench. A steam shower is extremely space-saving because, unlike a sauna, it doesn’t take up any additional space in the bathroom and, of course, is still used purely for showering. Simply leave the day behind in your steam shower and relax in the cozy warmth!

We make you sweat!

Would you like to have a comfortable steam shower installed in your bathroom? Then get in  touch  with our bathroom experts. We will advise you in a friendly and competent manner.

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