A new heater from your Munich expert

The new heating: innovations to warm you up

When it comes to the need for warmth, humans have hardly changed in the last two million years. At certain moments we just like to be cozy and warm.

A perfectly functioning and highly efficient heating system is not only important for the feel-good atmosphere at home in winter. Finally, the heating system also regulates the provision of hot water throughout the house. If the heating is not doing what it should, or is lagging behind modern variants in terms of cost-effectiveness, it is advisable to think about a new heating system and contact a competent heating company.

This is where Schramm comes into play: As heating specialists, we have made a name for ourselves in the greater Munich area.

Thanks to our tried-and-tested craftsmanship combined with our expert knowledge in the field of interior design, we ensure that you can expect excellent and innovative solutions from a single source at Schramm: a heating system that not only works perfectly, but also impresses in terms of design and yours easy on your wallet.

Professional heating construction from Munich - Schramm is your contact

Are you looking for a heating company for your house or apartment in and around Munich? Then as a property owner you probably have a lot of questions, such as:

  • How much does a new heater cost?
  • How much does heating cost in terms of electricity?
  • What type of heating does KfW support?
  • Which heating system is the best for a family home?
  • Which heating system is the right one for an old building?
  • What is a gas boiler heater?
  • How does an oil heater work?

In short: Which heater is the right one?

This is exactly what we at Schramm have found the perfect answer for. As experienced heating installers in Munich, we offer you comprehensive advice on which type of heating, which heating system and which radiators are best for your premises. Schramm’s experienced team will answer all your questions.

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Which heater is the best?

To find out which heater is best for your needs, you should first look at the different types of heaters . These are the following:

  • natural gas heating
  • LPG heating
  • oil heating
  • electric heating
  • wood pellet heating
  • heat pump
  • solar thermal

So there is a wide choice, but not all heating installations are equally suitable for your property. In addition, some types of heating are more efficient than others when it comes to efficiency. Whether oil or gas heating or solar thermal, we present you with condensing boilers with powerful hot water tanks and explain which system in your property offers maximum heating power with optimal economy.

→ Put yourself in professional hands: the heating installation is one of our specialties.

Heating installer in Munich | our all-round service for you

As a professional heating installer in Munich, our service portfolio not only includes expert advice on the new heating system and expert heating installation, but also all work that ensures that the heating system will still run efficiently and optimally for years to come. When it comes to heating, you can also rely on Schramm for the following topics:

  • Heating inspection/heating maintenance
  • heater repair
  • Heating modernization

Sanitary heating: design, efficiency and function for pleasant warmth in the bathroom

Pleasant heating warmth in the bathroom is essential for well-being. As part of our comprehensive service, we will of course also replace your heating in the bathroom. As professionals in bathroom design, we know what is important.

Let our specialist staff advise you personally, we will show you on site which comfort and design options are available for your bathroom and which type of heating will meet your requirements.

How much does a new heater cost?

A new radiator may not be that expensive, but sometimes a new heating system is. But when it comes to the question of the cost of a heating system, one should not only keep an eye on the purchase price. Because new heaters meet completely different demands in terms of efficiency and are significantly more energy-efficient and therefore also more cost-efficient than outdated heating systems. A slightly more expensive heater can therefore pay for itself after a short time – and significantly reduce CO2 emissions!

→ In the long run, you can save money and protect the environment with a new heating system from Schramm in Munich.

At the beginning, therefore, the energy requirement determination is on the plan as well as the assessment of the energy use and the degree of utilization. If you still have a completely outdated boiler in the basement, you may be paying a lot more when it comes to the cost-benefit calculation. A new heating system not only creates more comfort through improved heat supply and a user-friendly console on the boiler, but also ensures that your monthly heating expenses no longer go to waste.

Which heating does KfW support

Would you like to have a new heating system installed and rely on modern, efficient and environmentally friendly standards? Excellent! Because under certain conditions, you can have part of the costs for the new heating system subsidized by the KfW in the form of loans and grants.

Here you can find more on the topic ” Which heating system does KfW support? “.

We would be happy to advise you in detail on alternative energy technologies such as modern pellet heating, heat pumps or gas condensing heating.

Is your heating broken? We are there for you, even in an emergency!

As experts, we are also there for you in the event of damage, even with an emergency team that is available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

→ In an emergency, contact our 24-hour heating emergency service . ←

If a defective heating system, for example a water leak, has caused major damage that makes extensive renovation necessary, we will be happy to make you an offer for this as well. Sometimes a defect gives reason to think about a fundamental redesign of the room.

Our emergency services always have the big picture in mind: They give you information on how to proceed after the accident. They will explain to you the ways in which the status quo can be restored and they will show you opportunities for improvement and transformation if you wish.

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