Guest toilet lighting: tips & tricks from Schramm

Light is an essential factor in bathroom design that was often neglected in the past. You can set wonderful accents with the lighting and create a great atmosphere. For a small space like the guest toilet, lighting is essential, especially if there are no windows. In this article, we will show you which guest toilet lighting you can use and what types of lighting there are Be inspired by the ideas!

All good things come in 3: beautify the guest toilet with the right lighting

Guest toilets are small and more functional in design. They are usually equipped with the essentials: This includes a toilet, washbasin, individual pieces of furniture and possibly a shower. Often, however, little attention is paid to guest toilet lighting .

Many rooms have a ceiling light, which is sufficient for the basic lighting. However, you can play wonderfully with light and create wonderful effects that not only make the guest toilet shine, but also the eyes of the visitors.

The light in the bathroom and especially the lighting in the guest toilet is possible in three variants:

basic lighting The basic lighting serves the simple purpose of giving the room a light base . In this way, the facility is easily recognizable even if the room has no daylight or it is dark outside.
functional lighting Individual lighting systems are usually referred to as functional lighting, such as a mirror with lighting in the guest toilet or light strips on bases. They serve a specific purpose or have a special function , for example to better illuminate the face at the washbasin or to warn of a step.
mood light Indirect light, light strips, spotlights and other illuminants can be used as mood lighting. They evoke a homely atmosphere or set pretty accents . They design the bathroom with a personal touch.

Lighting in the guest toilet: A round ceiling light and a small top light illuminate the small guest toilet perfectly. Thanks to the top light, guests can easily fix their hair or touch up their make-up.

Examples of modern guest toilet lighting

You can make the bathroom impressive with light without the need for other decorations. Unusual tiles, wallpaper, a piece of furniture or a picture – all of this can be wonderfully staged with selective lighting.

Also consider the placement of the lamps . In addition to the ceiling, lamps can find their place on the wall, on the floor, in or on pieces of furniture such as sanitary elements and in niches. Let the vanity appear to be floating by attaching a light socket underneath . Or use lacquered stretch ceilings or wall panels to attach subtle strips of light behind them.

Individually mounted spotlights can also bring an individual touch to the bathroom, as can a single unusual lamp . Table or floor lamps, for example, can give the guest toilet a homely look. Those who like it particularly minimalist and modern can fall back on bare light bulbs with LED filaments, which already stand alone as decorative elements.

With guest toilet lighting, you can unleash your creativity and try out unconventional solutions . Be inspired by the following ideas :

1. Classic light sources

Classic lighting in the toilet: a guest toilet mirror with lighting joins the spots in the ceiling

The standard lighting in a guest toilet usually consists of a ceiling lamp . This can consist of individual lights or several spots. Modern mirror models usually also have their own light source, which usually consists of an attachment lamp or integrated light strips.

2. Indirect light as guest toilet lighting

Whether behind the mirror, in niches, on the edge of a lacquered stretch ceiling or behind the washing area – indirect light wonderfully emphasizes individual areas in the guest toilet.

Indirect light not only looks beautiful and creates a pleasant atmosphere, but it can also make a small space appear larger . Cleverly used, you can make individual elements appear to be floating or create spatial depth. Niches and special pieces of furniture are highlighted in this way.

3. Individual lighting solutions

As a professional bathroom construction company, Schramm supports you with the necessary specialist knowledge and craftsmanship when redesigning your bathroom.

All types of lamps can be used to illuminate the guest toilet. 

For example, two pendant lights above the wash area create enough light and at the same time fit perfectly with the bathroom design. At the same time, they conjure up a wonderful mood light and at the same time act as decoration.

If you want to impress your visitors, you can rely on an unusual light installation . A luminous wall with a sparkling effect can be technically implemented in the guest toilet and becomes a highlight for every bathroom user.

In addition to the ceiling lamp, you can install a single, wide strip of light as guest toilet lighting. This can give the impression that the corner of the room is open or that the walls can be opened like doors.

Whether for a puristic, country-style or a vintage bathroom, there is the perfect lighting for every bathroom design.

Inspiration and information for your bathroom design

There are many ideas for lighting in the guest toilet, but don’t forget the function of the lighting. Some lamps look nice, but they don’t illuminate the room or individual areas enough. Especially for older people and children, all elements in the room should be easily and clearly recognizable .

When it comes to lighting, the following also applies: less is more. If you have decided on a luminous wall or strips of light, you should use these variants on one or a maximum of two walls. Otherwise, too many light installations can be irritating, and they are more effective individually and in selected places.

If you are looking for further inspiration for your guest toilet lighting, you can browse through living and lifestyle magazines or the Internet. You will also find a large selection of references on our website, which will also provide you with a variety of ideas for your bathroom design. 

Are you toying with the idea of ​​a complete renovation of your bathroom? Then we recommend that you contact a professional bathroom company like Schramm in Munich. In our bathroom exhibitions category you can search for general contractors in the plumbing and heating sector in your area.

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