Grohe Ondus: The digital bathroom fitting

Gone are the days when you   first had to endure a gush of ice-cold water when washing or showering . Gone are the days when you had to fiddle with unwieldy taps and levers. Because now there is Ondus – the digital fitting!

The Grohe Ondus bathroom fitting impresses with its simple design and self-explanatory technology. You can use the Ondus operating system to optimally regulate the flow rate and temperature of the water. You can track your selected settings on the digital display and change them at any time if necessary.

The velvety-looking Velvet Black surface of the Grohe Ondus fitting upgrades your bathroom both visually and functionally.

Easy handling

The controls and showers are intuitive and particularly convenient to use. One button starts the water, another decreases the temperature, and the third increases it. A light tap with your finger is enough. The amount of water can be easily adjusted using the outer dial of the “digital controller”. This has a special surface structure that ensures easy operation even with wet and soapy hands.

For more safety and comfort, the set water temperature is shown on the light display of the fitting. Preset programs such as washing your hands or brushing your teeth make your everyday life even more convenient.

The glossy fitting in the chrome version is effective due to the contrast with the modern display in black.

Ondus: top class bathroom design

The design of the reliable bathroom control element meets the highest aesthetic standards. In other words: Grohe Ondus is the embodiment of simplicity and emotion. Grohe Ondus received the renowned red dot design award for its aesthetic design. The gleaming, perfectly formed arc of the Ondus  bathroom control panel invites you to be touched – run your hand over the smooth, cool surface and you can almost feel the exclusivity. The elegant control system is available in black and white, as well as in matt titanium or timeless chrome.

The Grohe Ondus digital faucet in frosted titanium impresses with its simple and timeless elegance.

Digitize your bathroom!

If you want the digital comfort of Grohe Ondus to move into your bathroom as well,  contact  us. Our competent and reliable bathroom planners are always there for you!

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