Gas completely safe: gas systems on the test bench

Owners of houses and apartments that  heat or cook with gas  should have their systems and pipes checked at regular intervals. You are on the safe side with a maintenance contract for gas appliances and gas lines with your plumbing, heating and air conditioning specialist.

To do this, the specialist will check all of the pipework in the gas system, including all of the appliance supply lines in your apartment or building. The leak test is carried out using the latest measuring technology. Even inaccessible line sections can be reliably checked with it. Although gas lines are made of a particularly durable material, age damage, leaks or rust cannot be completely avoided. Especially if the lines are routed through walls or in damp rooms.

Increased security

The advantages for you are obvious:

• High level of security for tenants or their own families
• Early detection of damage
• Avoidance of high repair and follow-up costs
• Increased operational reliability
• Quick help in an emergency thanks to knowledge of the system

Many homeowners do not know that as building owners they are obliged to have their house gas line checked regularly and competently. Landlords must also fulfill inspection and maintenance obligations. At the latest in the event of damage, it is an advantage if it is documented in court that these checks have taken place.

House and building checks from a professional tradesman

The gas safe check is part of the nationwide program “We check for Germany”. It includes test methods that are of great importance in house management.

The thorough checks are carried out by certified experts and can be individually adapted to your property.

  • The heating check for an energetically optimized heat balance.
  • The gas safe check for the safe operation of your domestic gas lines.
  • The drinking water check for a healthy supply.
  • The energy certificate is mandatory for sellers, landlords and lessors of a property, but it is also a worthwhile investment for owner-occupiers.
  • The drainage check to prevent leaks on your property.
  • The roof and facade check for a safe and strong building envelope made of metal.
  • The tank and technology check for everyone who  heats with oil .

Every check helps identify potential savings, increase security, reduce operating costs and conserve resources.

Have your gas systems checked!

If you want to fulfill your obligation to check, contact your specialist company. We advise you on all questions relating to the scope of the inspection, check your system and then provide assistance in the event of defects. Get in contact with us !

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