Functional facade paints from Sto

The newly developed facade paints iQolor from the paint manufacturer Sto have properties and functions that conventional paints do not offer. Whether surface protection, longevity or color stability – Sto iQolor combines design options and optimum benefits.

iQolor colors from Sto are the result of intensive research and development with the aim of improving color properties and functions. They offer significant added value, which also pays off in the long term in lower renovation cycles and costs.

  • Protection: Lasting protection against algae and fungi on the surface
  • Durability: Improved moisture protection and maximum weather resistance
  • Color stability: Long-lasting beautiful facades with the greatest variety of colors
  • Sustainability: Extended renovation cycles and environmentally friendly ingredients

Accordingly, iQolor facade paints come in three different categories that have these specific properties and functions.

  • Surface-active and functional: These paints actively protect the structure and keep it clean. The colors Lotus and LotusG stand for self-cleaning when it rains, StoColor X-black acts as a heat shield against heating up in the sun.
  • Brilliant and colour-intensive: This category includes, for example, the color StoColor Royal, which can be used to create long-lasting, intensive hues.
  • Reliable and robust: These paints have a wide range of applications and impress in terms of water repellency, adhesion, durability and processing. These include, for example, StoColor Silco, StoColor Silco G and StoColor Silco QS.

The new facade paints from Sto pay off for every property owner. Because iQolor paints, thanks to their innovative composition, offer long-term advantages such as dirt-repellent surfaces, exemplary permeability or long-lasting color stability and thus a longer service life for the building.

Protect your facade sustainably!

With the new intelligent facade paints from Sto, you can choose from colors with different properties and functions. They protect the facades, are durable or stay bright longer than conventional paints. If you are interested in an optimal facade design, get in  touch with us . We would be happy to advise you.

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