Fire safety: Smoke detectors are mandatory

The nationwide campaign “Smoke detectors save lives” has been running for many years. What many citizens still don’t know is that the use of smoke detectors in private living spaces is now mandatory in the majority of federal states. However, advice should be sought when selecting and installing smoke detectors.

The figures show how important smoke detectors are in apartments: Around two thirds of all fire victims are surprised by the fire at night. Since the human sense of smell does not work during sleep, the smoke is not perceived in time. It is usually too late when those who are asleep are awakened by smoke and high temperatures.

Legally required lifeguards

The legal regulations in the federal states therefore provide in particular that bedrooms and children’s rooms as well as corridors, which can serve as escape routes for other living rooms, each have at least one smoke alarm device. These must be installed and operated in such a way that fire smoke is detected and reported at an early stage.

According to the law, smoke detectors must have a CE mark and comply with a specific standard. Among other things, this specifies the minimum volume of the alarm and some minimum standards in the area of ​​functionality. It must be ensured that the smoke can penetrate equally well from all sides. In addition, the smoke detector must have a test button to check the function of the alarm and indicate the need to change the battery 30 days in advance with a recurring warning signal.

Since the products are not checked before sale, but the manufacturer only declares that he is complying with applicable EU regulations, you should not buy smoke detectors from a bargain counter or on the Internet. So play it safe and leave the selection and installation to experienced professionals.

Can be used in every room – also and especially in the kitchen!

Because of course no one can predict where and when a fire will break out, fire safety experts recommend installing smoke alarms in every room. The kitchen is considered the number one source of fire: Pots are easily forgotten on the stove or the oven is not switched off – within minutes there can be a fire. The Jung smoke alarm counteracts this danger. Thanks to the state-of-the-art two-chamber system, it distinguishes between water vapor and dangerous smoke. False alarms are thus almost impossible. In addition, the special bi-sensor processor technology also raises an alarm in the event of noticeable heat development, such as that caused by smoldering fires, often before a flame becomes visible. Early warning is therefore essential for survival.

Suitable for the kitchen: the smoke detector from Jung can differentiate between smoke and steam.

Tested quality products

Jung offers you tested fire alarm systems, made in Germany. The advantages for you:

  • Dirt-free and quick installation:  With the certified magnet-adhesive system, the smoke alarm device can be installed particularly quickly.
  • Durable:  Built-in lithium battery with 12-year lifespan.
  • Detects smoke and heat:  The intelligent bi-sensor processor technology combines optical smoke detection with an analysis of temperature changes in the surveillance radius.
  • Suitable for the kitchen:  the sophisticated two-chamber technology differentiates between smoke and steam.
  • Reliable function:  The smoke alarm device automatically checks its functional readiness once a minute. The entire bottom cover serves as a test/stop button for easy manual maintenance.
  • Tested safety:  The JUNG smoke alarm is certified with the highest quality standard in Europe by TÜV NORD and the Kriwan test center.
  • Made in Germany:  Highest quality, naturally made in Germany.
  • Adapts:  The smoke alarm has a discreet design. The lower housing cover can be individually colored.

TÜV-tested smoke detectors are a prerequisite for optimum security.

Play it safe when it comes to fire protection!

Fire alarms in private rooms are mandatory in many federal states. With smoke detectors that actually meet all legal requirements, you can protect yourself from dangerous fires. As experts, we advise you competently and also take care of the professional installation. It’s best to get in  touch with us right away .

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