Enhance the bathtub with atmospheric lighting: tips & examples

Nothing beats a relaxing bath. Body and soul come to rest in the warm water. If the bathtub is also equipped with a light, the full bath becomes a wellness experience in a class of its own. Integrated lighting has become an important design element for bathtubs in recent years, because the perfect ambience for feel-good bathrooms is created with atmospheric light.

We’ll show you the options for equipping your bathtub with lighting and present you with successful examples that make the bathtub and your eyes shine.

Why do you need light for the bathtub?

Experts and architects recommend several light sources to illuminate a room in a meaningful way. When planning, it is important to work with suitable lighting in all areas of the bathroom, such as the shower and the washbasin . Depending on what you use the bathroom for, different lighting conditions are required.

In the morning, prepare yourself for the day in the bathroom. You take a refreshing shower and attend to your hair and face at the washbasin. For make-up, shaving and care you need rather cold light, which is best coming from the mirror or at least one lamp above the washing area.

Light therapy is a recognized medical procedure that helps with illnesses. You can take advantage of the positive effects of light when bathing!

In the evening, on the other hand, you primarily want to relax, for example with a soothing full bath. Normal bathroom lighting is less suitable for a cozy feel-good atmosphere. In the glow of the ceiling light, the bathroom appears gloomy. However, the lighting on the vanity is too bright and appears rather aggressive. However, if the bathtub has its own light source, you can bathe this area in warm, soft light.

Why use separate lighting for the bathtub when it can be integrated right from the start? Retrofitting is only possible in the rarest of cases and you can do without additional lights.

Light is indispensable for the perfect bathtub : the right lighting in the bathtub not only creates a visual wow effect, but also increases the relaxation effect while bathing . It has long been known that the psyche reacts to light and colors and that lighting influences our personal mood. For example, green light has a calming and refreshing effect . Depending on how you feel on the day, it is harder or easier to switch off. Light intensity and colors help to relax. With atmospheric lighting in the bathtub, you can enjoy your full bath even better and enrich your bathing experience.

Radiant diversity in the lighting systems for bathtubs

Light sources can serve as orientation aids and direct the gaze. Accordingly, light is also very important in the bathtub. It is as much a design factor as it is an aid to better relaxation.

When it comes to a bathtub with LED lighting, many people probably think of round lamps embedded in the walls of the bathtub. These underwater lights come in different sizes and are a popular option. As spots, they immerse the bath water in the desired light. Due to contact with water, the lights must meet special protection guidelines regardless of the operating mode (LED, halogen, etc.). You can read more about this topic in the article: Electrical installation in the bathroom.

Note : Since the combination of electricity and water is a tricky and dangerous subject, you should always leave the installation to a professional

In addition to tubs with integrated LED spotlights that make the bath water glow invitingly, there are a number of other stylish lighting concepts. For example, free-standing bathtubs, in which the light illuminates the body of the bathtub from inside and outside, look very elegant. This turns the bathtub into a true design object. If you like it more discreet, you can also opt for just a light base or discreet outdoor lighting.

The control of the lighting systems differs depending on the model. Some tubs have the lighting control panel embedded in the rim, while others have the lighting controlled by a remote control.

Bathtub lighting: 4 examples of different lighting systems

It’s no secret that with the right lighting, bathtubs, washbasins etc. can be set in scene. Experienced bathroom planners take advantage of the wide range of lighting options to set accents. The bathtub, like every element in the bathroom, has evolved. It is no longer a purely functional object, but serves as a place of relaxation. The bathtub should give you a good feeling just by looking at it, and in this way contribute to a beautiful bathroom. Below we present 4 different concepts for lighting the bathtub.

1. Bathtub with a luminous body as an eye-catcher in the bathroom

With its gently glowing body, the neon is an incomparable eye-catcher. The organically shaped shell is covered with straight lines that glow in matt white. In this way, she effortlessly attracts everyone’s attention. Like the tub, the shell is made of mineral material, which Mauersberger uses in Gelenau for production. The material feels velvety soft, which suits the subdued light that the neon emits.

Instead of illuminating the inside of the tub with spotlights, the outer shell of the neon shines in a soft light

Customers can choose between different variants of the neon:

Customers have a choice of three colors (green, blue, red) for the shell, in which the translucent mineral material can be produced. The neon is illuminated by a matt white light between the body and the tub.

Like the bathtub itself, the shell can be designed in matt white and shine in different tones thanks to a lighting system with color changes.

2. Mineral tubs with a light base

If you opt for a freestanding bathtub and want to stylishly accentuate it in your new bathroom, Mauersberger has a wonderful solution. Thanks to the light base, you can let the new tub float. A ring of light on the floor, which runs around the tub body, creates an optical illusion. This is made possible by the recessed base and a concealed LED light bar. Various light modes can also be selected for the mineral baths with a light base, which can be controlled via a remote control.

All Mauersberger mineral baths can be equipped with a light base. With the LED lighting, you can set colored and white light as you wish, both stationary and dynamic with color changes.

3. Bathtub LED lighting: color light therapy sets

If you want the water to shimmer invitingly with LED lighting, then Mauersberger tubs are a good recommendation. The underwater spots can be integrated into all Mauersberger bathtubs made of sanitary acrylic and solid surface material.

The colored light therapy sets from Mauersberger are available with two or four colored light spotlights (LED) and illuminate the bathtub with intensive light. The spots have a diameter of 40 mm and the automatic color change can be controlled at the push of a button. In the color light therapy set with two lights, these are attached to one side of the tub. The set of four spotlights has two on each side, placed opposite each other.

For all-round tingling and deeply relaxing bathing pleasure, the tub can also be upgraded with whirl jets and a sound system.

With the help of the spotlights you can transform your bathroom and forget the stress of everyday life, just like in a spa

Good to know: Mauersberger is happy to place the lights individually in the tub if the customer so desires. This gives you freedom in designing the light setting.

4. Heavenly beauty: Star effect light for bath tub lighting

Mauersberger supplies an alternative to the spots with the small lens spotlights. Embedded in the upper area of ​​the bathtub, the 16 starlights ensure effective illumination. They are a more delicate solution and illuminate the bathtub in a more playful way. With them, the automatic color change can also be operated individually via a stop button.

Go swimming with the stars: With the star effect light from Mauersberger, consisting of 16 mini spots, the dream comes true

Bathtub with light – create your private wellness oasis with Schramm

For anyone who values ​​comfort and aesthetics in the bathroom, a bathtub is an absolute must – especially if its design makes it a real eye-catcher. With atmospheric light, you skilfully stage the tub and get a wonderful relaxation oasis in which you can escape the stress of everyday life. Sophisticated and atmospheric lighting in the bathtub ensures pure well-being. Whirl and sound systems, which tubs can also be equipped with, can further enhance the relaxation effect.

Would you like a bathtub with light for your bathroom? We would be happy to help you find the right feel-good bath for your needs. Contact us by e-mail or visit our bathroom exhibition and let professional bathroom planners advise you on site.

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