Emphasize the atmosphere with structures

In addition to the color, the structure and material of the walls can also change the effect of a room. If you then also work with the light, further effects can be achieved.

Did you know that wall structures and materials can convey a wide range of impressions? They range from the feeling that a room is down-to-earth, through noble elegance to sheer lightness. The rule here is: the finer the structure and material, the finer the overall impression. The coarser, the more rustic and down-to-earth.

Everything is possible: representative to Mediterranean

For example, if you want to make a room representative and elegant, shiny, marbled surfaces are ideal. If you prefer the country house style, there is no way around rough plaster or modeling plaster. Cloudy coats of paint and glaze techniques, on the other hand, give the room lightness and a Mediterranean flair. On the other hand, rooms in monochromatic, saturated tones appear heavy and stiff. However, you can use it to support a hallway with many doors, for example.

The plaster Sto Look Metallic in brown refines the room with its small-grain structure.

Structures change the size of a room

Grain sizes ranging from fine and subtle to coarse and rustic offer almost endless design possibilities. You can influence the effect of a room through the choice of structure. Horizontal structures and coarse, matt surfaces make the room appear smaller. Longitudinal structures and fine, shiny surfaces open up the room and make it appear larger.

The transverse structure on the left makes the room appear smaller in contrast to the longitudinal structure on the right, which makes the room appear larger.

The meaning of light

All good things come in threes: in addition to the color tone and surface structure, the light also influences the room proportions. Direct light specifically emphasizes shapes, colors and structures. Indirect light, which is only aimed at walls or ceilings, allows the surface structure to recede into the background. In order to control the light in a targeted manner, the use of colors with a high degree of gloss or colors with a metallic effect is recommended.

Bring texture and color into your home!

You can change the individual impression of rooms not only with colors. They also underline the atmosphere in your home with structured surfaces or the use of different materials. Get in touch with us, we will advise you comprehensively.

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