Elegant lacquer stretch ceilings

Fast, clean and dust-free assembly; no cracks or dents and never paint again; individual lighting atmosphere with mirror effects; Fireproof, watertight and high thermal insulation: these are just a few of the numerous positive properties of a lacquered stretch ceiling. When building or renovating your living area, these ceiling constructions offer you innovative and unique design options.

Lacquered stretch ceilings are a new technology for customizing ceilings in living spaces. These can be flexibly adapted to any shape as they are made to measure for a specific order. Three-dimensional ceiling constructions can also be easily implemented.

The bathroom impresses with its timeless elegance thanks to a reflective stretch ceiling.

light and color

You can create very special lighting moods with lacquer stretch ceilings. On the one hand, different light sources such as spots, LEDs, spheres or light paths can be easily integrated into the foil. On the other hand, the surface has reflective properties, which can significantly increase the lighting yield. The foil scatters the light and distributes it evenly in the room. Thanks to the mirror effect, the bathroom area also gains optical height.

Lacquer stretch film can be ordered in more than 150 colors to meet your individual requirements and can also be printed with decorative patterns.

Convenient, safe and economical

Stretch ceilings are made of PVC foil or polyester fabric and are therefore made from 100% recyclable materials. The films have a remarkable lifespan and do not have to be renewed regularly like wall paint. The surface is water-repellent and also acts as a vapor barrier. Even in the event of a water pipe bursting, the equipment in the room below remains protected. The water collects in a water bag and can easily be sucked off. This does not damage the foil. Furthermore, annoying painting of the ceiling is no longer necessary. The low material costs, the longevity and the energy savings due to the high insulation values ​​result in an excellent price-performance ratio.

The framed lacquer stretch ceiling sets a unique accent in the living room.

Would you like to enhance your living space with an individual ceiling?

Lacquered stretch ceilings offer a wide range of design options when building or converting your living area. Light, shape and color can be easily adapted to your dream home. Contact us. We would be happy to advise you in a friendly and competent manner.

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