Electrical company from Munich: Provide lighting and electricity throughout the house with Schramm

Sind Sie noch auf der Suche nach einem Elektrounternehmen im Raum München, dass Ihnen nicht nur eine exzellente Beratung, sondern auch Service auf Profi-Niveau bietet? Dann brauchen Sie sich nicht länger umzusehen.

Die Elektrofirma Schramm aus München ist in diesem weitläufigen Bereich seit Jahren erfolgreich tätig. Von Kleinreparaturen angefangen über die Instandsetzung und Wartung von Elektroinstallationen bis hin zur kompletten Verkabelung Ihres Gebäudes ist alles machbar.

Schramm is your company for all tasks in the electrical field

Traditional tasks of an electrician are carried out just as conscientiously as also more demanding technical installations in private or commercial buildings. Schramm is happy to take on the new challenges that the electrical industry offers and takes care of the smooth implementation and commissioning of your technical systems.

Our electrical services

Whether in the field of building technology, renewable energies or Smart Home: Today, our customers have a wide range of options for using electricity reliably, flexibly, sustainably and, above all, cost-effectively throughout the house or building.

For example, our electricians from Munich take care of electrical installations in new buildings, but also electrical renovations in old buildings. They are also active in single and multi-family houses, office buildings and even industrial halls. The expansion of existing electrical systems is also no problem for our qualified team.

Here you get an overview of Schramm's services in the field of electrics.

Electrical company for building automation

Building automation involves the efficient control of the electrical system, which is located, for example, in a residential building, industrial property or office building. Simply put, building automation takes over the management of the electrical systems, so you can keep an eye on everything and only have to do a little yourself.

With the help of this modern building management and the associated digital monitoring, it is possible to enormously increase the economy and security, but also the comfort in the building.

Schramm will be happy to take care of your building technology in the Munich area and harmonize the building automation with the existing electrical systems. Be it the room climate, the lighting or the incidence of light in the individual rooms.

Carry out E-CHECK with Schramm electrical company

During an E-CHECK, electrical systems and devices are expertly checked under recognized and uniform standards. If the specifications are met, the devices and systems receive a sticker.

The E-CHECK must be carried out by certified electricians. These ensure that all legal regulations are complied with. Schramm is happy to provide such an E-CHECK. Our trained employees not only check electrical installations and systems with regard to their safety, but also determine energy saving potential and possibilities for more comfort on request.

The electrical company Schramm carries out the E-CHECK preferably in the region in and around Munich. Please contact us for an on-site appointment.

Schramm: Your electrician from Munich

If a lightbulb has to be changed, the alarm system repaired, the power box installed or a complete building rewired, the electrical company Schramm from Munich is there for you. Our long-established company is not only known in the electrical sector for fulfilling customer wishes to the highest level of satisfaction.

So please tell us about your concerns so that we can take care of the smooth implementation as quickly as possible.

Do you need professional and active support in questions relating to the electrics? Do not hesitate to contact us. With our electrical professionals from Munich, you will quickly achieve the desired result.

Contact us today, our staff will get in touch with you shortly.

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