Designing a bathroom without a window: tips and tricks

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If the bathroom in an apartment is on the inside, there is usually no window. Apart from the right ventilation and lighting, many users ask themselves the question: How can I design my bathroom without a window? After all, nowadays a windowless bathroom can be transformed into a place of well-being even without natural light. Here you will find some suggestions and learn which aspects are particularly important when designing windowless bathrooms.

When looking for a flat or house, many people rule out all those objects that have a bathroom without a window from the outset . The reason for the low popularity of indoor bathrooms is mainly due to the lack of daylight and difficult ventilation . Common problems with indoor bathrooms

The aspect of ventilation in particular is strongly linked to the fear of mold and unpleasant odours. If there is a window in the bathroom, it can be opened quickly if necessary. Fresh air flows in and the moisture moves out with the stale air.

Design a bathroom without windows with artificial light: wall, ceiling and mirror lights make you forget about the lack of daylight

Unlike a windowless room, a room with windows is rarely completely dark. Also, some believe that bathrooms without windows can sometimes feel cramped and enclosed.

But these days there are practical and modern solutions to these challenges. You can find out what these can look like below.

1. Ventilate and heat the bathroom without windows

Preventing mold in a windowless bathroom requires a good ventilation system and warm temperatures. Bathrooms are and will remain wet areas , in which water is handled: showering, bathing and washing hands ensure that the air humidity rises extremely at times.

Therefore, these rooms should be ventilated regularly and well so that the moisture cannot settle. In this way, a pleasant climate is created and mold is deprived of its breeding ground.

Designed in a beautiful and understated design, radiators and fans can elegantly prevent mold in the bathroom without windows

If you want to ventilate your bathroom properly without windows, you should pay attention to an active ventilation system . Modern electronic ventilation systems extract unpleasant odors and moisture in the bathroom without windows and supply fresh air in direct exchange. Some manufacturers now even offer toilets with integrated odor extraction . Any odors are removed directly in this way.

heater in the bathroom helps to keep the room at the right temperature and counteract the humidity. Like ventilation, it is essential for a pleasant room climate and serves to prevent mold. In addition to standard heating systems, towel radiators and underfloor and wall heating systems are popular heat sources. If it is a large interior bathroom, several heat sources are recommended.

2. Use light in the bathroom without a window

The lack of daylight quickly makes a bathroom without a window appear dark . It is all the more important to pay attention to a sophisticated lighting concept . Choose different types of light for the bathroom without a window and place the light sources in different places in the room. There are basically three types of lighting to choose from:

  • Basic lighting (e.g. ceiling spotlights)
  • Functional lighting (e.g. mirror lights)
  • Mood lighting (e.g. LED light strips with color changer)

Skilfully using lighting in the bathroom without a window: light accents in a niche, indirect lighting on the mirror and colored LED light can wonderfully replace the lack of daylight in the bathroom without a window and create a cozy setting

Designing a windowless bathroom means using the existing elements (such as furniture, sanitary products) and niches for sophisticated light installations. On the one hand, this gives the room the necessary illumination , and on the other hand, you can present your bathroom individually . If the lighting is cleverly positioned, it’s child’s play to design a small bathroom without a window that immediately makes it look larger.

If you combine the light installation with one or more mirrors, for example, the light will be reflected, which in turn maximizes the brightness . In addition, a small room appears more spacious due to reflective surfaces.

Tiles, paints and more: design a bathroom without a window

So that a windowless bathroom looks neither gloomy nor cramped, you should choose light colors when designing the room. Only for the floor is it advisable to use a darker tone than for the walls and ceiling . This is how you ground the room. At the same time, it stretches to the sides and to the ceiling. If the color tones gradually lighten from floor to ceiling, the bathroom really opens up and appears lighter. Grey, brown and blue tones in different brightness levels are particularly suitable for this.

With accents in strong colors – for example in the form of towels, bathroom utensils and decorations – you can create exciting contrasts that create a harmonious sense of space in your bathroom. You get cosiness in the windowless bathroom if you use particularly patterned tiles sparingly. Artificial plants for the bathroom without windows or decorative elements such as pictures, vases and sculptures can add a personal touch to the homely style.

Whether accessories in bright colors or in soft beige, they convey a homely atmosphere in both cases and distract from the windowless bathroom

If you set up a bathroom without a window, it makes sense to coordinate the color of the furniture and other furnishings with the design of the room. For example, if you have selected an accent color for the bench in the shower, this can be found on the washbasin, for example. If the tiles on the walls are black and white, you can use the same color combination for the furniture.

Optical connections are created in the room through recurring colors and patterns , which have a harmonious effect. Despite the isolated highlights, the room appears as a coherent unit .

Design a bathroom without a window: let the color of the sanitary elements or tiles in the furniture repeat itself. This creates a harmonious overall picture.

  • Our tip: Be careful not to overuse strong colors or eye-catching patterns. The motto here is: Less is more . A pattern that is too pronounced can quickly bring unrest into the room design, so that the relaxing atmosphere in the bathroom is lost.

More tips and ideas for bathrooms without windows

Two challenges in the interior bathroom are mold and lack of natural light . You should therefore pay particular attention to these two points when planning. Browse the internet and pay a visit to a bathroom showroom in your area. Get tips for your bathroom without a window in a personal consultation. Professional bathroom planners will support you with redesign and conversion. For inspiration, take a look at additional sample bathrooms and some of our references.

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