Decoration in the guest toilet: ideas & examples

Guest toilets are the small, rather unpopular rooms in your own home. Because many think that the often tiny floor plan does not leave much room for design options. But wrong thought! It is precisely these small bathrooms that offer a number of design options and can surprise every visitor!

In this article, we will show you which guest toilet decorations you can use to make your mini bathroom attractive and modern.

Decorating a small guest toilet: It depends on the living style

Admittedly, the guest bathroom is usually narrow. Next to the toilet there is usually only space for a washbasin. But there are also suitable design elements for such small rooms.

The first step to be able to decorate a powder room is to get an idea of ​​​​the place of action . Take a look at the small room and answer the following questions :

    • Does the room have a special style? Examples: maritime, country house, urban jungle
    • Which colors are represented? Are highlight colors or muted natural tones represented?
    • What bathroom furniture is there? What materials is the furniture made of and what does it look like?
  • What decoration is already in the guest toilet?
  • Are new sanitary elements required?

The redesign depends on the current condition of the guest toilet and what you want. 

When choosing decoration for the guest toilet, users should make sure that it harmonises with the existing furnishings . This means that the guest toilet decoration should match the existing style or pick up on given color nuances.

in the course of this there is also the possibility of using the decoration as an accent . For example, in the form of an eye-catching soap dispenser in bright red, while the bathroom is kept in grey.

But don’t overdo it! For example, if the guest bathroom has a wall with exciting wallpaper, you should rather opt for subtle decoration. If, on the other hand, it is kept simple, colour-intensive guest toilet accessories in black or gold can create great accents.

Decorative guest toilet: A chrome-colored vase, stones and shells are enough to give the small bathroom an individual, cozy touch – and they hardly take up any space

Decoration for guest toilet

Some people equate guest bathroom decorations with useless dust collectors. This may be true in some cases. However, stylishly used decoration also gives a room cosiness. Indoor plants, vases and candles create a pleasant atmosphere and look harmonious on the eye.

On the other hand, you can also use decorative bathroom utensils, furniture or sanitary elements to give your guest toilet an individual touch . You can expect a large selection of creatively designed washbasins, toilets, mirrors, toilet paper holders, soap dispensers and much more. As inspiration, we present different decoration variants in the following:

Guest toilet decoration: An individual vanity with vanity unit, mirror and indirect lighting can be extremely practical and at the same time become a decorative element for the guest toilet

Popular guest toilet decoration

The classic design elements for guest toilets start with murals and extend to design-oriented toilet lids. The selection is almost limitless , so you can decide according to your taste . Depending on what is important to you and how much space is available, you can use different utensils and accessories in your guest toilet.

When it comes to decoration for the guest toilet, you can choose between:

  • Bowls, baskets or cans
  • Vases and planters (with or without plants)
  • candles, lanterns
  • Figures, objects (to stand or hang up)
  • Paintings and photos (with and without frames)
  • Fragrance lamps, decorative room fresheners
  • Antique items (washboard, enamel bowl, various types of lamps, etc.)

Guest toilet decoration ideas: Selected green plants and flowers can wonderfully loosen up the atmosphere in the guest toilet

There are hardly any limits to the variety of materials in the small bathroom. You can place vases made of glass or metal in the bathroom, as well as ceramic and wooden figures. When looking for suitable specimens, we advise you not to get carried away by the multitude of variants. Rely on a few but carefully selected pieces ! Because the guest toilet is small, it can otherwise quickly appear cluttered.

Photographs, prints and paintings become eye-catchers in every guest bathroom

Use accessories and bathroom furniture as decorative elements

If the guest toilet seems sparsely furnished, there are some bathroom accessories and furniture that you can transform into wonderful decorative pieces. Open shelves on the wall made of solid wood panels, exclusive soap dishes (e.g. made of marble) as well as toilet paper holders and lamps with a metallic look and unusually shaped washbasins are ideal for this purpose. Modern and efficient built-in modules for toilet paper and brushes are ideal for small rooms in particular, where every millimeter counts . Not only do they look classy, ​​they are also extremely space-saving.

Elegant hiding place: The built-in module for toilet paper and brush gives the bathroom a classy look with its even design

Are you bored of the usual towel hooks? Forget the traditional towel rails and opt for an ornate brass hook or a wooden ladder that leans against the wall. Or stack the fresh textiles that match the color of the bathroom design on a shelf in your guest toilet. For this purpose, a metal wine holder for rolled up towels can often be easily converted.

Or be attentive and offer your guests a beautifully arranged set of useful utensils , consisting of hand cream, hygiene items and perfume. In a wooden box, raffia basket or fabric utensil you can do something good for your guests in no time at all.

Purple textiles were selected here as a touch of color for the individual washbasin with a white countertop washbasin

Decoration ideas for guest toilets: In this bathroom, silver-colored accessories, wooden elements, a subtle push plate and antique-looking wall lights are all you need

Decorative wall design in the guest toilet

When decorating your bathroom, don’t forget the walls and floor! In addition to pictures, pieces of furniture and the like, decoration can also consist of unusual tiles , eye – catching wallpaper or wall paint .

When it comes to wall design, you can choose from a lavish range. However, when putting together the guest toilet decoration, make sure to ground it. That means painting the walls with, for example, strongly structured tiles in a monochromatic, calm color tone. In this way you create a harmonious balance . If a wall is painted in a bold color, you should pay attention to a corresponding counterweight on the other side of the room.

Guest toilet wall decoration: Square, colorful tiles give the guest toilet a playful look. The prominent tiles are grounded by a dark tiled floor, large white wall tiles and a generous mirror.

Sanitary elements as guest toilet decoration for bathroom renovations

Toilet, washbasin, flushing actuation as well as fittings can also serve as decoration. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, the companies are flexible in the production of sanitary facilities. Designers can let their creativity run free and develop the bathroom elements in a wide variety of shapes and colors . A round toilet, an asymmetrical sink or black fittings steal the show from any glass vase! Skilfully placed in the limelight, no additional decoration is necessary if you rely on sanitary products with an individual touch.

However, the choice of unusual sanitary elements is usually linked to the bathroom renovation or the complete new construction of a guest toilet. Because in existing bathrooms, which are still very modern, replacing the washbasin and toilet usually makes little economic sense.

Guest toilet decoration ideas: why not use holiday gifts, tiles, pictures and practical accessories as decoration? With small tricks such as a shimmering mosaic, a picture or beautifully arranged figures or objects, you can give the room your own personal touch.

Even more inspiration for guest toilet decoration!

Haven’t found the right guest toilet decoration for your bathroom yet? We recommend that you look at example bathrooms on the web and be inspired by living and lifestyle magazines .

You will also find references from real pool builders on our website . With these we present bathroom projects from our partners from all over Germany, who realize different bathroom types from guest toilets to wellness bathrooms. You can find more inspiration in our advice section.

Would you like to not only redecorate your guest toilet, but also completely renew it? 

Then we advise you to carry out a renovation together with a company like Schramm. We offer you comprehensive services in the Munich area, ranging from advice and planning to completion.

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