Breathe deeply with steam

You can do something good for yourself with a steam shower : while you relax, your complexion is improved and your health promoted. Because a steam shower has a cleansing effect on the skin and relieves the respiratory tract.

When the well-tempered steam flows out of the nozzles and envelops you, your body temperature increases by a maximum of two degrees. This keeps the body cooler than the air around it. The steam condenses on the skin, which releases heat. In contrast to a hot full bath, the steam shower does not remove any moisture from the body, but rather puts a film of moisture over your skin.

Because the shower  is integrated into  the Artweger Body + Soul  , the steam shower also fits into small bathrooms . The extra narrow steam box and the foldable seat turn the steam bath into a spacious shower.

Damp warmth, not heat

This moist heat opens the pores, cleanses the skin and improves blood circulation. Inhaling the vapor moistens the respiratory tract. This has an expectorant effect and helps fight the onset of a cold. You don’t have to sweat in the classic sense.

You can also increase the effect of the steam shower with colors and aromas. So

  • relieve stress
  • Tensions are released and
  • relieved body aches.

According to new scientific findings and experiences, a gentle reduction in high blood pressure can be achieved with regular use of the steam bath.

baYou fragrance concentrates help to relax, regenerate or they can have an invigorating effect, depending on how you decide. You can choose from a total of eight different fragrance creations.

With a steam shower you not only refresh yourself in a simple way, you can also take action against colds and at the same time improve your complexion. You can also counteract stress-related phenomena with aromas and color effects.

Do something good for your body!

Would you like to reduce stress and treat your body and mind to something good? Then get in  touch with our bathroom experts . We advise you comprehensively on the subject of steam showers!

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