BetteFloor Side: Floor-level shower surface with drain on the side

The floor-level BetteFloor shower surface is very popular. Bette is now offering it as BetteFloor Side with a drain on the side. This variant ensures even more stability when showering. A large selection of colors and sizes creates many installation options.

Until now, the centered drain was characteristic of the elegant BetteFloor shower surfaces, but now it has moved from the center to the edge: the new BetteFloor Side offers a generous, continuous and seamless base. Like BetteFloor, it also impresses with many advantages:

  • Thanks to high-quality production, the water runs off just as evenly. The necessary gradient does not affect the stability of the user.
  • The water drain is flush with the shower surface and thus also ensures a secure footing when showering. Because it is the color of the shower surface, it is almost invisible. The water seems to disappear into the ground.
  • A total of 22 matt colors as well as another 1,000 sanitary colors are available and ensure the uniform coloring of the floor. The material steel/enamel can be combined very well with other sanitary materials.
  • With twelve different dimensions, BetteFloor Side is suitable for different spatial conditions. The square corners fit perfectly into the bathroom tile grid. An important advantage, especially if, for example, only the shower is being renovated.
  • While bacteria and germs develop through the joints in tiled showers and the joints become cracked and unsightly over time, the robust and easy-care BetteFloor shower surface retains its appearance as it did on the first day.
Bettefloor Side: Not only does it look elegant, it also ensures a secure footing.

More comfort and stability when showering!

If you want a comfortable and attractive shower with a high level of stability, then get in  touch with us . Thanks to the large selection of colours, Bettefloor Side can be integrated into any bathroom. Our bathroom experts will be happy to advise you.

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